Penelope Jones the terrorist enabler

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This disgusting piece of shit is Penelope Jones the terrorist enabler who came out of retirement to foster some devout muslim refugees.

The terrorist in question was already known to police and had been arrested a fortnight before.

As usual Donald Trump gets to the heart of the matter.Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.39.12.png



Five reasons to laugh at lefties

  1. They may say they’re pro-women, but when trannies come along, a man wins woman of the year.
  2. They may say they’re pro-women, but when a woman wants independence and the great equalizing gun, they say no.
  3. They may say they’re pro-women, but they lower standards to get ‘more women in the workforce’, watering down the perception of real qualified women.
  4. They may say they’re pro-women, but when we see a huge disparity in black men on white women sexual assaults, they trumpet out the fake rape case mattress girl and parade her around, watering down the perception of women who were actually raped.
  5. They may say they’re pro-women, but when Muslim immigrants in the U.K. are skyrocketing rape rates, they would rather simply not collect statistics on it.

The rapist and his “wife”

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I don’t know what sort of marriage these two have but I have to wonder if they are happy, they certainly don’t appear to be enjoying life despite all their advantages and bribe money they have collected over the years.

People should be more introspective and think more about morality as this will bring joy, after all, who wants to go through life being miserable.

Have their crimes made them happy? I don’t think so.

The truth about black lives matter

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When black lives matter first started I wondered what they would turn into. After all, in america a lot of cops certainly appear “gun happy” and BLM could have done a useful function in society by hi lighting a problem and suggesting solutions.

Instead they have turned into an alt left pressure group whilst their leaders milk the situation for every dollar they can in the same way Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do.

As such they have a rapidly diminishing influence and their only supporters are the small number of stupid degenerate lefties that the majority of the population openly laugh at.