Anders Breivik, a future hero?

Will Anders Breivik be regarded as a national hero in the same way as George Washington and William Tell, two men who also offered murderous resistance to their own governments.


Career advice for young men

Hello young man, here is some career advice.

Firstly, don’t automatically decide to go to uni. It will cost you a lot of money and a lot of degrees nowadays are pretty much worthless. However consider uni if you are doing something like Engineering, Maths, Science etc or getting a degree is a requirement due to govt regulations.

Also consider a cheaper way of getting a qualifications. Think about getting a job at 18 and doing a degree with the Open University. It might take you six years but you will be earning for those six years as well.

Think about an apprenticeship in something like engineering etc and get paid by your employer to learn.

And if you do go to uni, don’t automatically choose one away from home. Staying at home whilst studying will bring down the cost.

Remember that learning is a lifelong endeavour and that once your studies are finished you should aim to teach yourself (If you get a proper degree you will have learnt this skill).

Don’t work for the state. Work for private industry or yourself where your hard work and ability will be recognised and rewarded and understand that private industry satisfies peoples wants and needs (unlike govt).

I may as well include advice for young women as well.

Find a good man to marry as you will only destroy your soul by having multiple short term sexual partners.

Have children as all the studies show stay at home mums are happier than working barren women.

Seriously consider home schooling your children.

No need to thank me.

God emperor Trump

There is a meme on the internet about Donald Trump likening him to a god emperor.

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that an air-conditioning company was not going to transfer American 1000 jobs to Mexico. Today we hear that Sprint, the telephony company will bring back  5000 jobs to the US and OneWeb will create 3000 new jobs.

This is all good news for the US economy.

Trump appears to be doing more for the US than Obama achieved in 8 years and Trump is not even in office yet!

Merkel gets it wrong again

Angela Merkel said it was necessary to import more workers to pay for pensions.

But only 34,000 migrants out of the 1.2million who have arrived in Germany in the past two years have managed to find a job, new figures have revealed.

The statistics from the German government’s Institute for Labour Research (IAB) reveal how only three per cent of those who travelled to the country are now working.

And in addition out of those who are employed, nearly a quarter are just on temporary contracts.

Ordinary people instinctively understood this, these muslim immigrants don’t have anything to offer a civilised country like Germany as they have an average IQ in the mid 70’s. Indeed, with the average wage being about $100 a month in their home countries, they are much better off scrounging off the German taxpayer.

But barren Merkel doesn’t care, she has no children and therefore no genetic stake in the future. Merkel will always have a large taxpayer funded pension and her own personal police bodyguards so clearly won’t suffer from any interactions with the muslims.

Celebrate the deaths of nasty people Jo Cox MP and Fidel Castro.

Party time, the world has become a slightly better place.

Fidel Castro was a brutal dictator who killed anyone who stood in his way and treated the people of Cuba as his personal property who he could order around and control. He left most Cubans in a state of dire poverty, subject to a hopelessly inadequate health system and totally uneducated.

Joanne Cox was the labour MP for Batley and Spen, who was killed by someone with long standing mental health issues. She was the type of prodnose who believed she should be able to use all the force and power of the state to control what ordinary people could do. It would have been much better if she had woke up to the error of her ways and had risen to national prominence by publicly stating such instead of being killed by a nutter with mental health problems. Some people might argue that she leaves two young children that will suffer but the truth is that such a disgusting prodnose would have a detrimental effect on them and they will have the chance of better lives now she is no longer around to poison their minds.

It would have been better if both these reprobates had seen the light before their deaths, after all, heaven loves a sinner who repents, but this was never really going to happen was it.

With the death of every nasty person the world becomes a slightly better place.

The sad life and death of George Michael

George Michael is dead at the age of 53.

Looks like its his last christmas and he’s never going to dance again.

He was a talented songwriter with a great voice and good looks, yet his pursuit of fame left him with a severe drug problem which was coupled with a sense of isolation. He was very promiscuous, having confessed to over 500 sexual partners which probably gave him aids and helped contribute to his numerous health problems.

Compare and contrast with Andrew Ridgeley, his partner in “Wham”, happily married, who retired into obscurity in a village in Cornwall where he can go to the local pub and shops without being hassled or indeed recognised.

Who ended up with the better lifestyle?

“See me, single and free
No tears, no fears, what I want to be.
One, two, take a look at you
Death by matrimony

Wham – Young Guns”

Fame and fortune are fickle masters, and only fortune is worthy of respect and that’s only if you can get of the treadmill.


Indeed 2016 has seen a number people die. Terry Wogan, Prince, Johan Cruyff, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Joanne Cox (the MP), Fidel Castro, Jimmy Young and Leonard Cohen.

With some we can celebrate their lives and their contribution to civilisation, with others we can celebrate their demise as their death makes the world a better place.