Celebrate the deaths of nasty people Jo Cox MP and Fidel Castro.

Party time, the world has become a slightly better place.

Fidel Castro was a brutal dictator who killed anyone who stood in his way and treated the people of Cuba as his personal property who he could order around and control. He left most Cubans in a state of dire poverty, subject to a hopelessly inadequate health system and totally uneducated.

Joanne Cox was the labour MP for Batley and Spen, who was killed by someone with long standing mental health issues. She was the type of prodnose who believed she should be able to use all the force and power of the state to control what ordinary people could do. It would have been much better if she had woke up to the error of her ways and had risen to national prominence by publicly stating such instead of being killed by a nutter with mental health problems. Some people might argue that she leaves two young children that will suffer but the truth is that such a disgusting prodnose would have a detrimental effect on them and they will have the chance of better lives now she is no longer around to poison their minds.

It would have been better if both these reprobates had seen the light before their deaths, after all, heaven loves a sinner who repents, but this was never really going to happen was it.

With the death of every nasty person the world becomes a slightly better place.


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