Merkel gets it wrong again

Angela Merkel said it was necessary to import more workers to pay for pensions.

But only 34,000 migrants out of the 1.2million who have arrived in Germany in the past two years have managed to find a job, new figures have revealed.

The statistics from the German government’s Institute for Labour Research (IAB) reveal how only three per cent of those who travelled to the country are now working.

And in addition out of those who are employed, nearly a quarter are just on temporary contracts.

Ordinary people instinctively understood this, these muslim immigrants don’t have anything to offer a civilised country like Germany as they have an average IQ in the mid 70’s. Indeed, with the average wage being about $100 a month in their home countries, they are much better off scrounging off the German taxpayer.

But barren Merkel doesn’t care, she has no children and therefore no genetic stake in the future. Merkel will always have a large taxpayer funded pension and her own personal police bodyguards so clearly won’t suffer from any interactions with the muslims.


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