Career advice for young men

Hello young man, here is some career advice.

Firstly, don’t automatically decide to go to uni. It will cost you a lot of money and a lot of degrees nowadays are pretty much worthless. However consider uni if you are doing something like Engineering, Maths, Science etc or getting a degree is a requirement due to govt regulations.

Also consider a cheaper way of getting a qualifications. Think about getting a job at 18 and doing a degree with the Open University. It might take you six years but you will be earning for those six years as well.

Think about an apprenticeship in something like engineering etc and get paid by your employer to learn.

And if you do go to uni, don’t automatically choose one away from home. Staying at home whilst studying will bring down the cost.

Remember that learning is a lifelong endeavour and that once your studies are finished you should aim to teach yourself (If you get a proper degree you will have learnt this skill).

Don’t work for the state. Work for private industry or yourself where your hard work and ability will be recognised and rewarded and understand that private industry satisfies peoples wants and needs (unlike govt).

I may as well include advice for young women as well.

Find a good man to marry as you will only destroy your soul by having multiple short term sexual partners.

Have children as all the studies show stay at home mums are happier than working barren women.

Seriously consider home schooling your children.

No need to thank me.


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