Mary Tyler no Moore

She didn’t make it after all.

Former actress Mary Tyler Moore is dead at the age of 80.

She started the trend of cock carousel riding, working as a drone for some faceless corporation, typical feminist nonsense which derided white men and put down families.

Married three times with her only child dead for 36 years,  Moore divorced her first husband when her son was 5, and married eventual NBC Chairman Grant Tinker the following year. It was only then that the Mary Tyler Moore show was created, which was produced by a company formed by Tinker and Moore called MTM productions. I guess they tought that was a better name than the Grant Tinker’s Show for his Wife.

She largely abandoned her son for her job, skipped his graduation.

Her sister committed suicide and her son shot himself when he was 24. He was a gun collector and supposedly accidentally shot himself in the face.

She was an alcoholic, had plastic surgery, and cheated on her husband.

Mary Tyler Moore was a symbol of feminism.

Sad, very sad.


Should prostitution be legal

Interesting question, and its important to point out what the choice is.

We know from studies done in America and Germany that where prostitution is legal then rape and other sex crime goes down. Therefore the choice is this, make it legal and have less rapes or make it illegal and have more.

So there you have it, anybody who is against legal prostitution wants more women to get raped.

Terrorist Martin McGuinness is ill

Terrorist Martin McGuinness has resigned as deputy first minster in the Northern Ireland assembly in protest over an energy scheme. During the press conference shown on telly he looked ill.

Later, McGuinness revealed he is quitting politics due to a serious illness.

Good. Lets hope its something serious.

John Smithie the lefty loony

Yesterdays Fenland Citizen had a letter from regular correspondent John Smithie who deliberately conflates tax avoidance (which is legal)  with tax evasion ( which is illegal).

Loony lefty Smithie was moaning that rich people were avoiding tax. Perhaps Smithie should consider that almost everyone avoids paying tax not just rich people.

Ordinary people avoid paying VAT when they decide to save money instead of buying a new cooker or telly,  over 15 million ordinary people have avoided Income Tax when they open ISA’s. People with pensions avoid both Income Tax and National Insurance and the millions that are into home brewing avoid both VAT and Alcohol Duty.

Millions of ordinary people avoid all sorts of taxes every day and its perfectly legal because thats what the law says.

No doubt the Citizen includes Smithies badly written missives due to their comedy value.

Also in the Citizen was a report of a few misguided souls gathering at the Freedom Bridge roundabout because they don’t like what the voters in another country have done. Martin Field and Sue Marshall (who is the labour party constituency chairwoman) don’t like the election of Donald Trump even through its nothing to do with them.

These useless fools would rather protest about something they can’t influence or change instead of concentrating on the problems that the Fenland area faces. These people live in Fenland, why on earth are they tilting at windmills about a foreign country 3,000 miles away.

What sad little people they must be.

The public don’t like immigrants

YouGov have a new report on public attitudes to immigration, which incidentally is yet more terrible news for Labour:


* Majorities want immigration rules tightened, and this applies to every regional subset including London (61%) and Scotland (60%.)

* Of those surveyed, a total of 69% wanted the rules tightened, 16% left as they are, and only 6% wanted looser regulation (less than the 8% of DKs.) This survey at least suggests that Theresa May is onto something with her emphasis on immigration – and, presumably, she wants the Conservatives to get a grip before Ukip comes along and does it for them.

* There are also absolute majorities for cutting immigration amongst all four main party affiliations, and all age groups except the 18-24s (and even amongst them 48% wanted tighter controls.)

* The public were also asked about Labour’s position on the issue, and voters were as baffled as the party leadership itself appears to be confused. 31% thought Labour wanted more immigration, 19% thought they wanted things left as they are, 13% thought they wanted the rules tightened, and 38% had no idea what Labour’s position was at all.

So, the labour party and the lib dems are clearly on the wrong side of public opinion.


Politicians want to control you

A friend was moaning that he couldn’t do overtime at work. I pointed out that this was because of a piece of legislation called the working time directive.

He said words to the effect that it was a pain in the bum and all politicians could…and his voice trailed off…

I mentioned that even though he himself might not be interested in politics and not vote, politics (ie politicians) was interested in him

Not for what they can do FOR him but for what they can do TO him.

And this is something ordinary people really do have to learn. Its a difficult lesson but slowly and surely it is happening because people are no longer reliant on the old media.

All over the internet, forums, blogs, videos have sprung up where ordinary people can mention their concerns and learn more about what bothers them, and guess what, when they become more informed the general public do things like vote for Brexit and Donald Trump.