Cllr Gary Tibbs and threatening language

Wisbech mayor, cllr Gary Tibbs has been accused of threatening language by UKIP cllr Alan Lay during a council meeting reports the Wisbech Standard.

I have no idea if cllr Tibbs did use threatening language at the meeting, I wasn’t there but I do have experience of cllr Tibbs using non complimentary language about me at an election count. When I went over and introduced myself to him he was as nice as pie. And cllr Lay has experience of the local torys ganging up on him and not being particularly nice, such is the nature of local politics.

Cllr Tibbs as always struck me as well meaning but not particularly bright, the kind of guy who would open his mouth and let his guts rumble without engaging his brain, to quote a favourite expression of my mum. On his election literature cllr Tibbs said the council need people of all classes and abilities probably because he only drives a forklift for a living. The reality is that councillors should be men of talent and ability, who have shown their capabilities by succeeding in life. I have a lot of time for cllrs Steve Tierney and Will Sutton in that respect  even through we differ ideologically.

The hirsute cllr Tibbs does look lustrously resplendent in his mayoral robes and chain of office so perhaps he has found his place in the natural order of things.


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