Obama blames the Russians

American President Barak Obama, Americas first half cast president has blamed the russians for interfering in the american presidential election and has expelled 36 Russian diplomats.

Lets examine the evidence.

American voting machines are not connected to any network so no hacking took place there from anyone.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is a private organisation, not part of govt and if the ruskies did hack it, they only exposed what was already there.

So, if the Russians did influence the election they only did so by exposing the corruption at the heart of the Democratic party. If the DNC had been totally above-board and on the level then there would have been nothing to leak!!!

Therefore Obama, Americas first half cast president is simply angry that the DNC got caught.

History is not going to be kind to what some call President gay mulatto. He always gave the impression of being in office but not in power in his eight years and race relations have actually got worse during his two terms of office.


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