Making Europe Great Again (MEGA)

Someone sent me this to think about.

We are Europeans. We love Europe. We want to make it great again.

We love Western Civilisation. Europe is the home of Western Civilisation.

Western Civilisation is the greatest achievement of the human species. We did that, and we are therefore the greatest people who have ever lived.

We love the values of the Enlightenment, which include rationality, science, secularism, liberty, freedom of expression, human rights, the rule of law, and democracy. These values have made us great.

To those who wish to migrate to Europe: If you don’t love our values, or if your values conflict with them, sorry but you are not welcome here. If you hold to our values, and have skills to offer, we might let you in. We note that because of the prospect of technological unemployment in the future, there is no point in importing low-intelligence people as they will simply be a dead weight on our economy.

The European Union is currently the main vehicle through which European states and peoples act together. It is in need of urgent and thorough reform. It particular the poor economic performance of many European countries since 2007 and high levels of youth unemployment in many countries are intolerable. If we cannot reform the EU, we must tear it down and build something that works.

Some European countries are not members of the EU (e.g. Norway) or have voted to leave (United Kingdom). The EU needs to be reformed so that all European countries want to be members, and see it as their natural home; then all of us working together can Make Europe Great Again.

The main Western country outside Europe is the United States of America. We love the USA. Some Europeans like the new leader of the USA, some don’t, but either way we acknowledge that it is up to the USA to choose its leaders and we must work weith who ever they choose.

Just as it is important for Europeans to act together in the world (through the EU), it is important of Westerners to do so as well, through the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. European countries should spend at least 2% of GDP on defence.

Europe is the home of the white race. Most Europeans are white. Science has not yet delivered its verdict on whether Europeans are genetically more gifted than other peoples, although clearly we must have in the past been either genetically or culturally superior to others (see 3); when science does give its verdict, because we love rationality (see 4), we will accept it.

We reject the calls of racists who say we should give non-white people fewer rights than white people, and social justice activists who say white people should feel guilty they are white and to compensate should give more rights to non-whites. Everyone should have equal rights.

We are not in principle against trade treaties. We are against so-called trade treaties such as TTIP which are negotiated in secret and a corporate power grab.

The West faces many challenges, which include the rise of China, security threats from Russia, Islamic terrorism, climate change, growing income inequality, technological unemployment, and the technological singularity. We believe that if we harness all our will, our intelligence and our industry to these tasks there is nothing we cannot achieve.

There are 3 political factions in Europe today: the establishment, the anti-establishment left and the anti-establishment right. All of these get some things right: the left that poverty and income inequality are problems, the right that mass immigration of people who don’t share our values is deplorable, and the establishment that European countries need to work together.

We acknowledge that the international arena is an anarchy where “the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must”. We regret that Europeans — for entirely understandable reasons given our history — have turned away from Machtpolitik, and we wish to restore European might so no-one will dare attack us. To this end we propose increased defence spending, political/military co-operation through the EU, and military co-operation through NATO. Ukraine is a country that wants to be European and Western and it makes us stronger if it is able to do so. The Russian government is an enemy, but the Russian people are not, and if they were able to join the west it would increase our power.



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