Black lives matter are a racist and terrorist organisation.

Black lives matter supporters have kidnapped and tortured an eighteen year old mentally handicapped white Donald Trump supporter and live streamed it on Facebook.

In the video you can clearly hear ” Fuck white people, fuck Donald Trump”.

This deeply disturbing incident took place in Chicago and the four suspects are in Police custody.

Mike Cernovich has the full shocking story here.

But never mind, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson (pictured above) seems to think “its just kids being stupid”.

Is Mr Johnson being racist?

And what did he get all those medals for?

Remember folks, black lives don’t matter. ALL lives matter.

No matter what the black racists in Chicago say.

This is a hate crime and this is terrorism.

I wonder if Barak Obama will take time out of his busy schedule to exclaim about the victim ‘this could be my son’ like he did with the confirmed drug peddler and thug Trayvon Martin?


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