Work for the EPA and get punished

The law should apply to everyone.


Ordinary people have a duty to make this happen.

So when a govt agency, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does something wrong they should be treated in exactly the same way that the EPA treats others.

Unfortunately, the EPA thinks they should be above the law because after EPA workers accidentally caused a mine waste spill the EPA hasn’t paid out in the same way that they force other polluters to do.

Because of this everybody who still works for the EPA should be punished because everybody who now still works for the EPA are culpable.

Those that caused the spill need to be jailed for a long time and fined into poverty. Other ordinary EPA workers should lose their pensions and face a small fine, whilst those at the top should again, be imprisoned and fined .

What govt need to understand is that their power is fading and when people like me take over, and we will, we will have plenty of scores to settle.


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