Politicians want to control you

A friend was moaning that he couldn’t do overtime at work. I pointed out that this was because of a piece of legislation called the working time directive.

He said words to the effect that it was a pain in the bum and all politicians could…and his voice trailed off…

I mentioned that even though he himself might not be interested in politics and not vote, politics (ie politicians) was interested in him

Not for what they can do FOR him but for what they can do TO him.

And this is something ordinary people really do have to learn. Its a difficult lesson but slowly and surely it is happening because people are no longer reliant on the old media.

All over the internet, forums, blogs, videos have sprung up where ordinary people can mention their concerns and learn more about what bothers them, and guess what, when they become more informed the general public do things like vote for Brexit and Donald Trump.


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