The public don’t like immigrants

YouGov have a new report on public attitudes to immigration, which incidentally is yet more terrible news for Labour:


* Majorities want immigration rules tightened, and this applies to every regional subset including London (61%) and Scotland (60%.)

* Of those surveyed, a total of 69% wanted the rules tightened, 16% left as they are, and only 6% wanted looser regulation (less than the 8% of DKs.) This survey at least suggests that Theresa May is onto something with her emphasis on immigration – and, presumably, she wants the Conservatives to get a grip before Ukip comes along and does it for them.

* There are also absolute majorities for cutting immigration amongst all four main party affiliations, and all age groups except the 18-24s (and even amongst them 48% wanted tighter controls.)

* The public were also asked about Labour’s position on the issue, and voters were as baffled as the party leadership itself appears to be confused. 31% thought Labour wanted more immigration, 19% thought they wanted things left as they are, 13% thought they wanted the rules tightened, and 38% had no idea what Labour’s position was at all.

So, the labour party and the lib dems are clearly on the wrong side of public opinion.



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