Mary Tyler no Moore

She didn’t make it after all.

Former actress Mary Tyler Moore is dead at the age of 80.

She started the trend of cock carousel riding, working as a drone for some faceless corporation, typical feminist nonsense which derided white men and put down families.

Married three times with her only child dead for 36 years,  Moore divorced her first husband when her son was 5, and married eventual NBC Chairman Grant Tinker the following year. It was only then that the Mary Tyler Moore show was created, which was produced by a company formed by Tinker and Moore called MTM productions. I guess they tought that was a better name than the Grant Tinker’s Show for his Wife.

She largely abandoned her son for her job, skipped his graduation.

Her sister committed suicide and her son shot himself when he was 24. He was a gun collector and supposedly accidentally shot himself in the face.

She was an alcoholic, had plastic surgery, and cheated on her husband.

Mary Tyler Moore was a symbol of feminism.

Sad, very sad.


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