Should prostitution be legal

Interesting question, and its important to point out what the choice is.

We know from studies done in America and Germany that where prostitution is legal then rape and other sex crime goes down. Therefore the choice is this, make it legal and have less rapes or make it illegal and have more.

So there you have it, anybody who is against legal prostitution wants more women to get raped.


4 thoughts on “Should prostitution be legal”

      1. You’ve got a credible sources for that? I’ve only seen some rather poor ones with small sample groups, weak extrapolation of anecdotal evidence and narrative, and little if any positive peer review. On the other hand, there’s been many studies done on the prevalence of rape of prostitutes. Hence, my comment that legalizing it might reduce rape figures among that group of victims.

        Now, that would reduce the overall numbers and that’s good. I just don’t think there’s sufficient evidence to support the hypothesis that it would have any broader effect.

        Oh, and I’m not against legalizing prostitution. I don’t think it’ll have the positive benefit that people seem to think it will, but I also never really understood the need to criminalize it in the first place.


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