Lefties don’t like free speech

Berkeley Uni in California erupted in leftist violence after Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was due to give a speech. Those with a long memory will remember the UC Berkeley campus once campaigned FOR free speech 40 odd years ago. Now the lefties are rioting to stop free speech.

The left is a moral vacuum, ordinary people are seeing the true face of the left and are turning away in droves. Ordinary people want rule of law, to be able to walk down a street without fear of being accosted by freakish weirdos. Yet ordinary people are very patient, they don’t want the police to go in and crack heads, they want a softly-softly approach were the situation can be resolved without confrontation. But the left won’t allow this, in their sick and twisted little minds they won’t change.

Patience with the disrupters is rapidly running out, already ordinary people are contacting their elected representatives and calling for a more robust approach. If the local police are either unable or unwilling to deal with the troublemakers the military will not have a problem.

And guess what? Ordinary people will rejoice when the crackdown does occur and will revel in it being quick and brutal.

Lefties have brought this upon themselves,. They deserve everything they are going to get.


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