The Welfare state is the root of all evil

The welfare state is for poor people.

Nobody would disagree with this statement. Well off people simply don’t need the welfare state.

Well off people have higher IQs. There is a correlation between IQ and earnings. Again, nobody can dispute this point.

Thick people need all the social clues that society can provide to do the right thing. Clever people don’t need the social clues, they can figure it out by themselves.

But the welfare state takes away all these social clues as the poor never experience the problems that their bad behaviour brings due to them being mollycoddled by the state with welfare.

Welfare keeps the poor and thick down.

Therefore in order to improve the plight of the poor abolish the welfare state.

Obviously, this would also mean abolishing all the restrictive practises and doing away with all the monopolies that keep ordinary people down.

The left introduced the welfare state because it would give them a client population who would always vote lefty in order to remain leeching off the productive. Unfortunately for the left (but not for the majority), the poor and thick are so mollycoddled that most of them don’t actually vote anymore.


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