Thirty years of change in India and China

Thirty years ago India and China were a lot different from what they are like today.

The authorities in both countries relaxed the rules and regulations and allowed a modicum of free market enterprise to exist.

The result of even a little bit of capitalism was to propel 50,000 people a month into moving to an ever expanding middle class.

This is the biggest improvement in the shortest time in ordinary peoples living standards that the world has ever seen.

So the question is why isn’t the left all over this like flies on shit.

The answer is that the left doesn’t actually care about ordinary people or their living standards, the left only care about control.

Because the change in living standards is due to a decrease in lefty nonsense, the left are actively against the changes.

Quite frankly, the left don’t give a flying fuck about ordinary people.

And guess what, the genie is now out of the bottle, ordinary people are waking up to the reality of the left, ordinary people like joining the middle class and resent the corrupt hand of lefty control.

Things really are getting better in the world.


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