Kylie Minogue is sad and lonely

Kylie Minogue has just split up with her latest paramour after he was apparently also seeing someone else.

Miss Minogue was recently gushing about the love of her life and that whilst she lamented the fact that she had left it too late to have her own children, she was very happy with her partner. The old media is reporting that she is devastated, being left sad and lonely.

Looking at who she has been involved with in the past reveals a list of actors, models and rock stars, can she really be surprised that none of them turned out to be suitable for a long term relationship.

Perhaps if she had spent more time on having a relationship instead of her singing and acting then she would now be happily married with children and thinking of possible future grandchildren.

Barren Miss Minogue is now 48, her looks have faded, what else does she offer to a potential suitor?

Nobody can have it all, not women, not men, choices have to be made in life. So don’t listen to the siren voices of feminism or lefty nonsense in general, its your life, don’t waste it living someone else’s ideological wet dream.

The best way to get something (anything) is to deserve it. No doubt she has worked hard for her reported £60 million fortune but it won’t keep her company into her old age.


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