Betsy DeVos, Trumps pick for education Sec.

President Donald Trumps pick for education Sec was confined yesterday with vice president Mike Pence using his vote to secure the nomination. Thats how their system works in America.

But who is Betsy DeVos, and , rather more importantly what does she believe in and what changes will she try to make.

From doing some research it seems that Betsy DeVos wants state schools to be replaced with private schools funded by taxpayer vouchers and then possibly wants to remove taxpayers money from education.

Seems reasonable to me.

After all, the ONLY way to drive up results and drive down costs is by competition and the steps above certainly help competition so this will work.

A problem could be that because she is more religious than the average that she will focus on including supreme being religious stuff in the curriculum but I don’t expect this to be much of a problem.

Let me explain why. For most lessons it won’t matter, i.e. English, Maths , Physics etc. You simply can’t shoehorn religion into those subjects, a gerund will continue to be a gerund, algebra will still be provable and Newtonian and Einsteinium physics will still operate as they do now.

For Geography and Religious Education this does present a problem. However most children go through 11 years of state indoctrination and most do not turn into foaming lefties. The same will happen with teaching supreme being religious indoctrination.

So, the end result will be better education of children because of the increased competition and better educated children will be better able to reject attempts to brainwash them.

Imagine a class of well educated children openly laughing when the teacher tries to include something about the successes of socialism or visions from a supreme being.

There is no comeback from being derided.

A lot of libertarians make the mistake of that because a change isn’t perfect according to our beliefs we should reject it. I used to be like that myself.

DeVos is certainly not perfect but is a step in the right direction.


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