What is the purpose of University

University education does not make people more intelligent or cleverer than they already are.

However it does have three functions in society.

  1. It regulates the job market in that employers require the degree as a means of weeding out prospective employees without even having to interview them.
  2. It allows rich parents to keep their kids separate from poor parents kids. And also makes allowance that rich parents may have thick kids who get preferential treatment.
  3. It gets money from all of society in order to pay for something that only a few in society benefit from.

Increased education does not lead to more productivity. Rather it is increasing productivity that leads to the country being able to afford parking their young in essentially unproductive endeavors for increasing amounts of time.

Let me leave you with one last thought.

“No one can get an education, for of necessity, education is a continuing process.”


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