Are you a slave?

So Cambridgeshire police have started a campaign against slavery.

I don’t know why they are focussing on this instead of the myriad of real crimes ordinary people face, but there you go.

Some of the signs to look for are apparently:-

  1. Lack of personal possessions.
  2. Not being free to come and go as they wish.
  3. Working long hours.
  4. Not being allowed to speak for themselves

Imagine an ordinary person who earns the mean average of £26,000 a year. He pays direct taxes of £5,152 a year and indirect taxes of £2468 (employers NI). This leaves him with £18380. Assuming his mortgage/rent is £6000, this is a third higher than it would be simply due to govt regulations, so thats another £2000 off leaving him on £16380. Assume another £5000 of his sending incurs VAT at 20% and thats £1000 more tax. His salary of £26,000 gets reduced to £15,380. IOW, he losses £10,620 in possessions every year due to the govt.

He is not free to come and go as he likes due to passports.

He has to work longer hours that he should due to the govt taking a large chunk of his money.

And he is not allowed to speak for himself. If he complains of immigrants keeping his pay down etc, he is shouted down for being raaaaayyyyyycist and if he votes for Brexit, the politicians say he is an idiot who shouldn’t have had the vote in the first place and he doesn’t understand the issues.

Perhaps Cambs police should be informed!



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