Cllr Alan Lay is innocent and Steve Tierney is a bully

Fridays Wisbech Standard reports on the end of the sorry saga of cllr Alan Lay being accused of bringing the council into disrepute by cllr Steve Tierney.

Alan Lay has been totally cleared and it is Steve Tierney who is not only left with egg on this face but appears to be a bully.

Quite frankly, it is sour grapes on Tierneys part because Mr Lay unseated him on Cambs County Council where Tierney was seen as one of the rising stars. If you take into account the councillors allowance that Tierney has lost over the four years it amounts to well over £60,000. No wonder Tierney has it in for cllr Lay.

What a sore loser.

However, coming back to the hearing, Cllr Rob Scolding was scathing, complaining “I feel they are playing games with us” and added “This is a form of bullying”.

At this point, enquiring minds will wonder what on earth happened. Let me explain.

At a meeting in November while the council was talking about disabled access the mayor cllr Gary Tibbs said to cllr Lay “I am going to advise you to be extremely careful about what you are going to say next after what you have just heard”, while standing up and pointing at him.

(At this point let me introduce a legal point, an ‘assault’ is the threat of force  (a ‘battery’ is the application of force), why did cllr Tibbs stand up and point at cllr Lay whilst telling him to be careful. Cllr Tibbs did not need to stand up and point, did his standing up and pointing make the frail 78 year old cllr Lay afraid?)

At a meeting in December, cllr Lay said he had been threatened by cllr Tibbs.

Cllr Tierney took exception to this saying it brings the council into disrepute and made the complaint.

During the hearing where cllr Lay was totally and entirely cleared, cllr David Mason reminded the meeting about the time cllr Tierney thrust a camera into cllr Lays face. Cllr Scolding reported that in the paperwork for the case he was unhappy to read words like “lazy Lay” and “scumbag”.

Steve Tierney is a bully.

Shame on him.

He is less of a man than Alan lay.



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