Emily Abbott, the muscly freak who can’t get a date.

Emily Abbott is very dedicated and into crossfit and has clearly spent a lot of time at the gym and money on steroids building up her body.

That is her choice and I am happy about that she has the opportunity to follow her choice.

What I find extremely funny is that Emily Abbott also wants other people to be as enthusiastic about her choice as she is.

She is moaning that she can’t get a date because men no longer find her attractive.

She can’t handle the rejection that men don’t find her attractive because of her masculine body.

This is what she looks like.

She thinks that she is entitled to date a quality man but quite frankly, quality men have the pick of sweet feminine women and have no need to date down with a muscly steroid freak.

She’s probably on the edge of a mental disorder over her appearance and this is also likely to make her unpleasant to be around.

Life is full of choices like this, should I keep up with the Jones’ or save for a happy retirement?

Should I pursue a career that pays well or expect poverty and do something I am interested in?

Should I build my body and grow old alone with my cats or attract a quality partner by being feminine and having a nice personality?

Choices, choices everywhere.

Quality men will also be turned off by the tattoos as well.

The best way to get a quality date is to be worthy of a quality date.

In fact the best way to get anything is to be worthy of it.


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