Whatever happened to the global warming fake news scam

Back in 2007 professor Peter Wadhams predicted all sea ice in the Artic would have melted away by 2016.

His findings are nothing more than unadulterated bollocks, not only is there still plenty of sea ice left but actually 21% more than in 2012.

Prof Wadhams is nothing more than a global warming fake news liar. But no doubt it kept the research funds flowing in and I assume the prof didn’t fancy having to earn his keep in the private sector and much preferred to stay in the feather bedded, taxpayer funded sector where he was surrounded by other foaming lefties who could use the scare stories to increase their income and prestige. And the only reason that the global warming scam got any traction in the first place is because lefty politicians could use the scaremongering to further control what ordinary people did.

The games up prof, and the internet has a long memory.


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