On the use of english

Its not a recycling centre – its the council tip because people dump their rubbish and most doesn’t get reused.

You are not a liberal – you are a lefty because liberals believe in a small state/lower taxes and lefties don’t want to be called socialists

Its not a safety camera – its a revenue camera because it is used to get money from motorists, better things could be done to enhance safety.

They are not undocumented workers – they are illegal immigrants because they came here without visa therefore breaking the law.

It is not a traffic calmed area – its a traffic slowed area because the vehicles speed is curtailed not offered soothing words and a nice cup of tea.

Its not a community college – its the local school, you are not the principle – you are the headmaster/headmistress because education is full of lefties who want to corrupt the language in order to hide who they really are.

Ordinary people are wise to this and laugh at the lefties behind their backs.

Soon, ordinary people will be openly laughing at the silly foaming lefties.


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