Todays Daily Mail for the General Election tomorrow

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 23.41.34.png

Nobody should complain about this (but I bet they will). It is perfectly, factually correct.

Amongst their sins, I can list:-

Corbin has shared a stage with the IRA terrorists (and other terrorists) and publicly invited them to Westminster after the Brighton bombing but never did the same to so called “loyalist” terrorists.

McDonnell thinks that the deaths of over 50 million chinese during their “cultural” revolution was a minor mistake.

Abbot has publicly called for MI5 to be abolished and policemen to be disarmed (but hasn’t mentioned devout muslim terrorists putting down their bombs or ISIS being abolished). Abbot also gave her son a good private education but thinks that ordinary members of the general public should make do with the crap education that the state provides and shouldn’t even have the opportunity to send their kids to a good (i.e. private) school.


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