How to solve the devout muslim problem

Muslim terrorists are devout.

The ones who drink alcohol and eat bacon and don’t believe in throwing homosexuals from tall buildings and treating women as tent wearing second class citizens are not devout and, quite frankly, aren’t really muslims. MINO (muslims in name only, if you will).

So how do we solve the devout muslim terrorist problem?

– ending all welfare for all immigrants
– mandatory language, assimilation and attainment checks for legal immigrants
– committing a crime = deportation + lifetime ban
– ending all favoritism of Islam and revoking all special exemptions
– restoring borders with physical barriers and armed guards authorized to shoot
– any attempt to enter or stay in the country illegally = deportation + lifetime ban
– aiding and abetting illegal immigration = life imprisonment
– organizing, inciting or carrying out terrorism = death sentence
– not reporting terrorists = life imprisonment
– citizenship revocable for extreme offenses

Implement these common-sense measures (that we’ve been using as little as 50 years ago) and our problem will be solved within one generation.

If you want more proof of how easy this issue actually would be to solve, just consider how much effort the elites have put into causing problems during the last few decades. It took them trillions in money, immense manpower, staggering corruption, overwhelming worldwide propaganda and multiple major wars, yet we’re still at a point where nothing is irreversible yet and where all where of their machinations could be reversed within several years – if only some willpower were regained by our lethargic societies.

Essentially we would have first to defeat the globalists, then tackle the problem of Islam. This would be done by supporting the secularists and Islamic reformers. Yes – I would prefer a total disappearance of Islam, but that might happen anyway over time.

+ As a measure we start treating Islam like they treat Christianity – no new mosques, no missionary movements, no public prayers – almost all Muslim countries have those rules in place and we do the same.
+ of course stop all aggressive wars against Muslim states
+ stop Muslim immigration to West full stop – Ex-Muslims and non-Muslim Middle Easterners can come. We will test their faith with an extended Roosh’s airport test that he proposed in one article.
+ start teaching about Islam in detail in school, universities, TV programs – done by scholars, Ex-Muslims Ex-Salafis, dissecting the entire religion word for word, true brutal history, Quran told up and down from early peaceful verses to violent last 13 years and abrogation taugh, Hadiths told – all the gore and blood and guts
+ crack down super-hard on all Islamists – all the ones on the watchlist – I would have a special solution for them. Those that cannot be deported would be in a relatively luxurious detainment center with lots of green spaces, books, TV and internet. They get social security anyway – not having to spy on them and paying for their brats is good enough for me.
+ Deport everyone possible
+ Offer all known more devout Muslims the option of receiving 20.000$/50.000$/100.000$ in a lump sum for the giving up of citizenship and going back the ancestral homeland. Help them get citizenship back.
+ support secular Islamic leaders like Assad full throttle – he would be given 200.000 troops on the ground if necessary
+ of course defeat radical groups like ISIS instantly – move in 500.000 soldiers with tanks, artillery, airforce if necessary – crush them with overwhelming firepower, be ruthless against all terrorists – death by boiling in pig fat
+ support secular leaders and Islamic reformers with hundreds of billions of dollars, even military aid
+ over time topple all Islamic republics and help hoist ethical strongmen onto power (finding ethical ones is not that difficult, but the globalists don’t test for ethics – I would and trust me, it is not that difficult – the globalists don’t test for it, because most of them are psychopaths anyway and dealing with other psychos serves them better)

This would likely result in:
+ slight increase of terror in short-term, but tremendous decrease of terror in the long-term, also those that would stay in the West would behave
+ massive secularization of Muslims in West and in home countries
+ huge increase of Ex-Muslims – people leaving that shitty cult like no tomorrow (you would also have full teaching of Islam also on all Muslim channels – that is super-easy to control – many Muslims would find out how wonderful Mohammed truly was)
+ rise in IQs due to decrease of inbreeding in Muslim countries
+ rise in IQs due to pregnant women not fasting during Ramadan and getting high-quality prenatal care and supplements

Taken from a post from the RooshV forum



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