Alt left hypocrisy and lies

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Maduro is literally Hitler

Venezuela is fast defending into a lefty hell hole. And mad dictator Maduro has gone full socialist and become Hitler, here.

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela will hunt down and jail leaders of violent protests that have rocked the country since April, its new top prosecutor said on Thursday, a day before a hate crimes law was expected to be approved despite fears that it will be used to crush dissent.

The new law “against hate and intolerance,” denounced by rights groups as a sham aimed at persecuting the opposition, was set to be approved on Friday by a new legislative superbody elected last month at the behest of President Nicolas Maduro.

Alt left fake media lies

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What Ivanka looks like after giving birth

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Lefties don’t like beauty, or goodness or actually, anything nice.

It spoils their warped world view I suppose.


Political correctness is fake media

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Media lies about the alt right

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After the alt left violence in CharlottesvilleĀ the fake media is deliberately conflating nazi socialists with the alt right.


Former captive wants a useless military

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American senator and former prisoner of war John McCain wants the US military to pander to freaks instead of focusing on military effectiveness.

Interestingly, McCain wants the US to wage war all over the globe.

Lets hope his brain cancer makes the world a better place sooner rather than later.