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Harvey Weinstein is innocent

He hasn’t been convicted of anything yet.

Isn’t it funny how the lame old fake media are going apeshit over the antics of Harvey Weinstein.

But whats even funnier is the legion of women who have crawled out of the woodwork to denounce him.

I don’t regard Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina Jolie to be brave by speaking up now. Oh no, bravery would have been speaking up when these alleged incidents occurred, but rumour has it that Paltrow and Lawrence were more than happy to polish Weinsteins knob for a shot at the big time.

Weinstein is nothing more than a loud, fat, obnoxious loser with no game, I don’t think he actually raped anyone, I don’t think he ever used force on anyone, there was always a steady stream of wannabes looking for a part in his next blockbuster, therefore all the women he got intimate with did it because they wanted to hit it big in the movie industry.

Look at the facts here, numerous young attractive women (no more beautiful than thousands of other jobless chicks in California) agree to watch a sad, ludicrous fat man “taking a bath”, or maybe, give him a quick handjob – then they earn 6 decades of immense fortune, glory, and total luxury by doing no real work, as acting for movies is not a hard job, it’s just a pleasant hobby.

Interestingly, at least some of Weinstein’s escapades looked like from the point of view of the owner of a restaurant he regularly took starlets to for intimate dinners. The interviewee sardonically noted that these followed a regular pattern: women dressed to the nines, lots of flirting and whispering and smiling, the couple disappearing for a while and then coming back with the woman looking “somewhat the worse for wear”.

Indeed, one of the more bizarre allegations levied against Weinstein is that he masturbated into a potted plant in front of TV news anchor Lauren Sivan in 2007.

Sivan said Harvey lured her to the basement of Socialista, a Cuban restaurant in Greenwich Village, NY. in which Weinstein was an investor, and tried to kiss her. When she rebuffed his advances, the serial sexual predator “simply began to pleasure himself” – asking the TV anchor to “just stand there and shut up” before reportedly ejaculating into a potted plant.

When former owner of Socialista, Armin Amiri was reached for comment by The Hollywood Reporter, he says Weinstein’s lawyers asked him to deny the incident. Instead, Amiri confirmed that it happened – though he says Weinstein actually ejaculated into a cooking pot, not a potted plant, which was later found on the stove.

“What I remember about this incident is that my sous chef came into my office, furious, telling me that ‘some fat fuck’ saying he’s an owner — he didn’t know the name — had come into the kitchen with a woman and shoved a $100 bill at him and told him to get out. It was like 1:30 in the morning and he’d been the only one still there. The chef told me he was going to quit.

I went to check things out and saw Harvey soon after, fixing his belt, behind the bar. I never saw the woman. My chef and I go to the kitchen. He picks up a pot that had been placed back on the stove. It had been defiled. It was so bizarre. We couldn’t believe it happened.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.14.53.png


What is really funny is the number of complaints, it seems every woman and her cat has been propositioned by Weinstein but that is simply because Weinstein is very rich and a lot of women are sniffing a hefty payout.

Remember the Jimmy Saville saga in the UK. 4500 complaints were swiftly whittled down to less than 400 after a group of lawyers removed all the clearly false allegations.

On the other hand its nice to see the left devouring its own.

Hollywood has been engaged in propaganda for years Their political views have hardened into clichés: businessmen are greedy and destroying the planet, religious and rural people are stupid and old-fashioned, right-wingers are villains, villains are white, welfare is never a bad thing, and on and on. Standard left/socialist/SJW views.

Hollywood has had the tinsel and glitter removed and it does make all these lefties look like disreputable scum to ordinary people.

So why not use this opportunity in the culture war. Hollywood and the Democratic Party have been synonymous for many years. Hollywood money and cultural influence supports the left. (Weinstein alone accounts for millions of dollars.) Why not apply the Alinsky rule of making opponents live up to their own rules? #HollywoodVictimsComeForward! Name the names so that justice is done, and these abusers are held accountable! Protect women! Oh, and all you Democrats who got donations? That’s dirty money you must donate to charity.

Let’s have a big, public witch hunt for the sake of feminism. It will take the steam out of feminism by showing how some of their biggest supporters are hypocrites, and force Hollywood types to spend money on lawyers instead of leftist causes.

(And no, I don’t think there’s much chance of non-leftists being caught up in this. They are rare in Hollywood, and if there was any dirt on them, you know the leftist media would not have suppressed it like they did for Harvey.)




Why did Stephen Paddock do it?

What do we know about Stephen Paddock?

  1. He was very intelligent.
  2. He had a bad childhood.
  3. He inherited a level of mental health problems from his father.
  4. He was a very private person.

Combine these together and you get someone with a lot of anxiety who bottled it all up. He was prescribed Valium by a doctor but this had the side effect of making his mental health worse.

If he also had a level of narcissism then he would want to destroy people who were happy.

If you then add in that he was disaffected with politics then you get a volcano waiting to explode.

Banning guns is therefore clearly not the solution because killers like this would simply use homemade bombs or cars or even kitchen knives to have a go at others. If you want to stop this happening then you have to address the root causes of this.