Muslim rapes pony at petting zoo

The 23-year-old Syrian was reportedly spotted at the Kinderbauernhof (children’s farm) in Goelitzer Park, Berlin, by a babysitter who was visiting the zoo with a child.

The unnamed suspect is facing charges for violating the Animal Welfare Act and “causing a public nuisance through sexual acts”, police confirmed.

He faces up to three years in prison or a fine if convicted.

This is what happens when you import hordes of low IQ invaders into your country.

They bring their own culture with them.

They don’t suddenly become civilised when they enter a civilised country.

They should all be sent back.


Is political violence ever justified?

Interesting question, as a moral point violence can never be justified unless it is entirely in self defence and stops as soon as necessary.

However, there is another approach.

I will let my opponents make the rules.

They set the rules which I will abide by, seems fair to me.

Jeremy Corbyn, the labour party leader and John McDonnell, the labour party shadow chancellor both believe in political violence.

Corbin has openly shared a stage with IRA terrorists but never with loyalist terrorists and McDonnell has called the deliberate murder of 50 million chinese during their ‘cultural revolution’ a footnote in history.

Clearly both support political violence in support of their political aims. They don’t come out and actively state this but give a massive nod and wink that only a blind man could miss.

Fair enough, they have made the rules. As such I and people like me are fully justified in shooting them and bombing their supporters.

Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Sec Amber Rudd are also my political enemies.

They believe in using all the power of the state to censor my opinions and fair comment.

OK, they have made the rules. As such, I and people like me are fully justified in cutting out their tongues and crushing their jaws with sledgehammers.

I can easily see the day when these four scum end up being treated like Gaddafi in Libya or Ceaușescu in Romania.

Its time for ordinary people to stop being nice.

I’ll leave the last word to Jordan Peterson.

Obama has semen on his face

Americas 44th president had his portrait done, like most presidents do.

This is it below.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 20.45.47.png

Look closely at his head.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 23.31.50.png

Obama has a splurge of semen on his face, and this is deliberate.

Now look closely at his arm.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 20.48.15.png

This appears to be a penis.

Again, this is deliberate.

And guess what, Obama is happy about this. First of all, he knew what the portrait was going to be like and had access and creative input rights to it. If it bothered him, he would have just fired the artist.

Secondly, Obama probably views the whole thing as some sort of ingenious middle finger to the country and president he hates. Being “stylish”, “ironic”, and “subverting expectations” is all part of a suave and sophisticated [current year] person, haven’t you heard?

Compare and contrast with other portraits.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.01.57.png

Obamas is clearly the odd one out.

This is deliberate. It is a massive middle finger to the american taxpayer who funded the portrait and for every white person who voted for Trump.

From now on Obama will be known not as the first half cast (and racist) president but as the semen cock president.

Why did Stephen Paddock do it?

What do we know about Stephen Paddock?

  1. He was very intelligent.
  2. He had a bad childhood.
  3. He inherited a level of mental health problems from his father.
  4. He was a very private person.

Combine these together and you get someone with a lot of anxiety who bottled it all up. He was prescribed Valium by a doctor but this had the side effect of making his mental health worse.

If he also had a level of narcissism then he would want to destroy people who were happy.

If you then add in that he was disaffected with politics then you get a volcano waiting to explode.

Banning guns is therefore clearly not the solution because killers like this would simply use homemade bombs or cars or even kitchen knives to have a go at others. If you want to stop this happening then you have to address the root causes of this.