Rocketman and the democrats

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 09.59.39.png

Little rocket man is willing to have talks with Trump

But the democrats are not even prepared to meet Trump halfway.

The democrats, worse than a silly little dictator.

What sad little losers they must be.


Lets hope someone kills actor Sean Penn

I hope someone kills actor Sean Penn.

If that happens I won’t be joyous as I’m pretty much a live and let live kinda guy. His acting, whilst clearly not being any good is not THAT bad and that is hardly grounds for death.

So why do I want him to die?

Its simple really, I let other people make the rules. I simply apply the rules they make to themselves. Penn wants his president, Donald Trump to die because he disagrees with him politically. I don’t want anybody else to die, not even my political opponents (unless they want me to die), I simply want the prodnose fuckers to leave me alone.

However, should someone wack this silly little man with his isolated opinion I would not be unhappy.

The Daily Mail has the full story here.

OK, rather silly of Penn who clearly has the mentally of a three year old but should someone slot Penn I will be more than happy to dance on his grave.

After all, the thespian profession will hardly miss him, will it.

Deputies told to stand down in Florida school shooting

In astonishing news it has been revealed that the Police at Stoneman Douglas High School were ordered  by Captain Jan Jordan to “stage” or form a “perimeter” outside , instead of rushing immediately into the building, as the mass shooting unfolded there.

Yet a copy of Broward County’s active-shooter policy appeared to indicate that responding deputies and officers may enter the building without permission and should seek to neutralize the shooter until objectives are met — for example, if the shooter is contained. The policy did not appear to indicate a priority for staging or a perimeter.

A picture of the useless idiot is below.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 16.29.13.png

In light of today being International womens day I wonder how dipshit Jordan got to be promoted to Captain.

Know doubt she ticked all the diversity boxes.

But I bet the parents of all the children killed would have preferred a senior police officer who was actually good at their job, perhaps, then the death toll would have been less.

International womens day sexist bollocks

Today apparently, is international womens day.

What a load of sexist bollocks as there are no calls for international mens day.

In reality this is nothing more than virtue signalling participation prizes for the less able.

Get back in the kitchen cupcake, and make me a sandwich.

Real women don’t need this silly nonsense to take their place in the world.