The biased broadcasting corporation

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The hideously lefty BBC have an agenda here and ordinary people are waking up to this.

In a few years time the Beeb along with the rest of the lying, old fake media will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Malcolm Turnbull disrespected by stupid abo Clinton Pryor

Malcom Turnbull was disrespected by aboriginal “witch doctor” Clinton Pryor when Pryor turned his back on the PM at a meeting in Canberra.

Rude Clinton Pryor had spent a year walking 3500 miles from Perth to complain that the abo’s should continue to get large chunks of (predominently white) taxpayers money and that Pryor and his mates should be in charge of the funds.

If Pryor wants money he should work for it just like everybody else instead of wasting a year walking when trains , planes and cars are available. What a selfish, greedy, entitled stupid lefty brat he is.

The original fake media clickbait news article is here.

Socialist dictator Mugabe kills his own people

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Mad lefty dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is responsible for causing mass starvation and deaths to his own people simply by following his silly socialist ideology.

In 2014 he said in a speech that white farmers “should go”.

In 2015 he asked the farmers back.

In 2016 with the country facing mass starvation he begged for $1.5bn food aid.

Considering that Mugabe still has support in Zimbabwe I don’t care if his policies kill people, quite frankly it serves them right.