Trump and Obama

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What a contrast.

Americas 45th president, a certified genius, multi billionaire, competent in many different fields carries his own umbrella.

Americas 44th president, and the first half cast president, who hasn’t had any success outside of politics enjoys the trappings of power by getting a flunky to hold his umbrella.

Michael Moore goes mad

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Michael Moore, the biased documentary film maker has gone mad.

Firstly, most ordinary Americans like Donald Trump and what he is tying to achieve.

Secondly, the sort of americans who dislike Trump are the weedy, soy hipster faggot, skinny jeaned Bernie Bros’, who wouldn’t know which end of a gun to hold and are afraid of their own shadow.

Thirdly, there is only a few hundred at most who would come to the Capital and they would shit themselves if they met any resistance.

What a joke the fat man is. And what a poor excuse to stay relevant and in the news.

He’s only doing it because he has a film to promote.

Trump twats the trannies

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It just gets better.

God emperor Trump is focusing the US militarys efforts on combat effectiveness instead of pandering to extremely small minorities.

If the trannies want a sex change they can pay for it themselves, the US Military has better things to buy like more bullets and guns etc.

God Emperor Trump is REALLY draining the swamp

News just out. The non-partisan blog reported that spending by federally registered political lobbyists has collapsed by 41 percent, to its lowest level in a decade plummeting from $3,148,541,860 in 2016 to just $1,865,987 in 2017.

This is the latest sign that President Donald Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” seems by getting the money out of politics seems to be happening.

Imagine that, a political leader who actually does what he says. Imagine a political leader who won’t change the law because some rich powerful interest will bribe him contribute to his reelection fund.

I am in awe of how good President Trump is turning out to be.