See, lefties don’t keep their promises

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Spain loses the moral war

The Catalan area of Spain is holding a referendum about being independent from Spain.

This is illegal in two senses in that the Catalan govt is using taxpayer funding earmarked for something else and the vote has no validity under the Spanish constitution.

However the Spanish govt has sent in the police to bust a few heads.

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This is not going to end well.

It doesn’t matter that the Catalan govt are a bunch of stupid lefties who will ruin their economy and (legally) curtail their citizens rights with a multitude of silly counterproductive rules and regulations.

People believe in the idea of democracy and that the reason their governments are legitimate is due to this. Remove this illusion at your peril because “the law” does not actually exist in any real sense. It is only what people agree it is, and it will cease to exist when a sufficient number of people unilaterally decide to withdraw from it.

The future is Trump

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Something very interesting is happening with US politics.

The Democrats have focused on identity politics and white people have got the message loud and clear.

White people are starting to vote as a bloc.

But they aren’t just voting Republican. They disregard RINO’s (Republican in name only) and only identify with Trump Republicans.

This is a social movement and as such it can’t be stopped. Politicians who want to be elected will have to keep up. Trump is moving the Overton window

The future is bright, the future is Trump.

I am in awe of how able and competent President Trump is turning out to be.