Members of Parliament should not be paid

I thought I would kick of my manifesto with details about the nature of our democracy here in the UK.

At the moment we have about 650 MP’s who can vote themselves money from the taxpayer. I think this is wrong. MP’s should get nothing from the taxpayer.

After all, what is the actual job of an MP. It is to scrutinise and vote on legislation. But this is not what most of them actually do. Very few MP’s actually ever spend much time carefully considering legislation, instead they merely parrot what a few of their colleagues and their parties think tanks dream up.

One thing they do is to help constituencies with problems that happen with gov’t departments but should not gov’t departments do their jobs properly in the first place?

So, as scrutinisers of legislation, they should be successful people with a track record behind them. This is because success is VERY highly correlated with intelligence and conscientiousness and it is fully appropriate that those high up in the dominance hierarchy are capable and competent.

As successful people they will already have plenty of money before getting elected and hence don’t need taxpayer support.

We can also scrap the vastly over generous pensions that MP’s get. This can be removed immediately, including to those pensions already in payment.

Some may argue that stopping MP’s leeching off the taxpayer is somewhat draconian and that ordinary people would have no incentive to stand for election. A simple solution to this is to halve the number of MP’s which makes the average size of a constituency about 120,000 voters. Then MP’s can then start a GoFundMe or Patroen account and solicit donations from their supporters amongst the public and have 120,000 potential donors.

Other ways to cut the cost would be to stop the taxpayer coughing up for MP’s staff and remove the extremely heavily subsidised restaurant and bar facilities in parliament.

The end result is a £100 million saving for the taxpayer and MP’s of a higher calibre who spend more time on their actual function instead of grubbing for votes.

Of course, prodnose lobby fodder with no actual ability would be out of luck but who cares about them. They can get a job in the same way that ordinary people do. No doubt their local McDonalds is always hiring but perhaps they think that is beneath their dignity.

Tough luck.


Is political violence ever justified?

Interesting question, as a moral point violence can never be justified unless it is entirely in self defence and stops as soon as necessary.

However, there is another approach.

I will let my opponents make the rules.

They set the rules which I will abide by, seems fair to me.

Jeremy Corbyn, the labour party leader and John McDonnell, the labour party shadow chancellor both believe in political violence.

Corbin has openly shared a stage with IRA terrorists but never with loyalist terrorists and McDonnell has called the deliberate murder of 50 million chinese during their ‘cultural revolution’ a footnote in history.

Clearly both support political violence in support of their political aims. They don’t come out and actively state this but give a massive nod and wink that only a blind man could miss.

Fair enough, they have made the rules. As such I and people like me are fully justified in shooting them and bombing their supporters.

Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Sec Amber Rudd are also my political enemies.

They believe in using all the power of the state to censor my opinions and fair comment.

OK, they have made the rules. As such, I and people like me are fully justified in making sure they can’t disseminate their poisonous views by putting them in solitary confinement for example.

I can easily see the day when these four ridiculous specimens end up being treated like Gaddafi in Libya or Ceaușescu in Romania.

Its time for ordinary people to stop being nice.

I’ll leave the last word to Jordan Peterson.

Spain loses the moral war

The Catalan area of Spain is holding a referendum about being independent from Spain.

This is illegal in two senses in that the Catalan govt is using taxpayer funding earmarked for something else and the vote has no validity under the Spanish constitution.

However the Spanish govt has sent in the police to bust a few heads.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 09.32.18.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 09.32.28.png

This is not going to end well.

It doesn’t matter that the Catalan govt are a bunch of stupid lefties who will ruin their economy and (legally) curtail their citizens rights with a multitude of silly counterproductive rules and regulations.

People believe in the idea of democracy and that the reason their governments are legitimate is due to this. Remove this illusion at your peril because “the law” does not actually exist in any real sense. It is only what people agree it is, and it will cease to exist when a sufficient number of people unilaterally decide to withdraw from it.