Why we need to control our own borders

Yesterdays fenland Citizen reported a perfect example of why we need to control our own borders.

Basically, a foreigner came over here and attacked two people really badly and received a six year prison sentence for grievous bodily harm.

The culprit, Sergejs Zorins, 36, had been drinking in Daphne Court, Wisbech with another man when he smashed a glass in the other mans face, stamped on his head and used the broken glass to cut his throat. He then punched a woman who tried to intervene before stamping on her head several times.

There is no reason for Zorins to ever be in this country, he has no skills or abilities that are in short supply, and as a violent thug we will be better off when he is deported after serving his prison sentence.

Quite frankly, any fool who tries to excuse this behaviour and supports open borders is nothing more than a window licking dolt.

In other news, conservative controlled Fenland District council are debating putting up the council tax by 1.99%. What a bunch of wasters, how about the council spending less taxpayers money for a change. Its not as though the council does much that is useful or needed.

Local foaming lefty John Smithee had another comedy letter in the paper where he claims that capitalism will eventually create giant global corporations. As usual Smithee doesn’t understand that only govts can allow this to happen by stopping the free market. Because in a free market there will always be new businesses formed to take on the larger corporations.


Are you a slave?

So Cambridgeshire police have started a campaign against slavery.

I don’t know why they are focussing on this instead of the myriad of real crimes ordinary people face, but there you go.

Some of the signs to look for are apparently:-

  1. Lack of personal possessions.
  2. Not being free to come and go as they wish.
  3. Working long hours.
  4. Not being allowed to speak for themselves

Imagine an ordinary person who earns the mean average of £26,000 a year. He pays direct taxes of £5,152 a year and indirect taxes of £2468 (employers NI). This leaves him with £18380. Assuming his mortgage/rent is £6000, this is a third higher than it would be simply due to govt regulations, so thats another £2000 off leaving him on £16380. Assume another £5000 of his sending incurs VAT at 20% and thats £1000 more tax. His salary of £26,000 gets reduced to £15,380. IOW, he losses £10,620 in possessions every year due to the govt.

He is not free to come and go as he likes due to passports.

He has to work longer hours that he should due to the govt taking a large chunk of his money.

And he is not allowed to speak for himself. If he complains of immigrants keeping his pay down etc, he is shouted down for being raaaaayyyyyycist and if he votes for Brexit, the politicians say he is an idiot who shouldn’t have had the vote in the first place and he doesn’t understand the issues.

Perhaps Cambs police should be informed!


John Smithie the lefty loony

Yesterdays Fenland Citizen had a letter from regular correspondent John Smithie who deliberately conflates tax avoidance (which is legal)  with tax evasion ( which is illegal).

Loony lefty Smithie was moaning that rich people were avoiding tax. Perhaps Smithie should consider that almost everyone avoids paying tax not just rich people.

Ordinary people avoid paying VAT when they decide to save money instead of buying a new cooker or telly,  over 15 million ordinary people have avoided Income Tax when they open ISA’s. People with pensions avoid both Income Tax and National Insurance and the millions that are into home brewing avoid both VAT and Alcohol Duty.

Millions of ordinary people avoid all sorts of taxes every day and its perfectly legal because thats what the law says.

No doubt the Citizen includes Smithies badly written missives due to their comedy value.

Also in the Citizen was a report of a few misguided souls gathering at the Freedom Bridge roundabout because they don’t like what the voters in another country have done. Martin Field and Sue Marshall (who is the labour party constituency chairwoman) don’t like the election of Donald Trump even through its nothing to do with them.

These useless fools would rather protest about something they can’t influence or change instead of concentrating on the problems that the Fenland area faces. These people live in Fenland, why on earth are they tilting at windmills about a foreign country 3,000 miles away.

What sad little people they must be.

Continued waste from Fenland District Council and Rosie Stevenson, a virtue signalling idiot.

Yesterdays Fenland Citizen had a wraparound advertising Fenland District Councils four leisure centres. This would have cost about £6,000 and is a complete waste of everybody’s council tax. Indeed, the fees collected from leisure centre users doesn’t even cover the running costs. This year council tax payers will be forced to cough up an additional £602,000. Imagine that, everybody’s council tax could be cut by 8% if only the council didn’t subsidise the four white elephants. But wait, every few years the council likes to refurbish the facilities, next year the council are going to spend a whopping £900,000.

There are plenty of commercial gyms in the Fenland area, the council does not have to compete with them.

When will the councillors and voters see sense, it is hardly an essential service unlike bin collections, is it.

Another story that caught my eye was a report about smugly self satisfied Rosie Stevenson of Leverington who is planning to take a gap year before going to uni. She is asking for £6,200 to go to Honduras. My problem with this is that she is merely virtue signalling about enjoying a jolly gap year, it is not really about helping Hondurans. After all £6,200 is more than enough to fully fund a proper qualified Honduran teacher for a year but then Rosie wouldn’t be able to get her picture in the paper and the charity that plan these trips wouldn’t be able to pay their staff.

Indeed, Rosie is quoted as saying after uni she wants to be “delivering humanitarian aid and campaigning for the right to education for all”. IOW she wants to use the power and force of the state to spend other peoples money. What a silly little virtue signalling airhead she is.

A heartwarming story from Xmas

Both my local papers , the Wisbech Standard and the Fenland Citizen are reporting a rather heartwarming story of ordinary people rallying round and helping each other out.

The village shop and postoffice at Elm was robbed of £300. Shopkeeper Kuldip Sekhon, 52 was threatened with a shotgun and left with a black eye and bruised ribs. The shopkeeper, who only arrived in the village in August is quoted as saying “I’ve had cards, messages, and I’ve even had people come in and give me money. I’ve never known this kind of community togetherness. They say Christmas is always about the spirit of good will but that spirit is always here“.

The culprit is described as being a white male about 5’10 tall.