Devout muslims in action

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On Islamic Immigration

To quote Winston Churchill “Islam in a man is as fleas on a dog”.

Muslims believe that women are second class citizens, that non muslim women are asking to be raped, that non muslim men should pay tax to muslims and that homosexuals should be killed.

Muslims tend to come from countries with average IQs in the mid 80’s so if they come to Europe very few will be able to get a job and most will end up leeching off the taxpayer.

Why on earth people are happy about muslim immigration to civilised countries is beyond me.

Lefty French President has record low approval

Francois Hollande,  the lefty French President has record low approval ratings of only 4% as France24 reports here.


Hahahahahahahahahahaha, 4% is a rounding error.

The French are suffering numerous terrorist incidents, unrest in the ghettos surrounding Paris, high unemployment (including record high unemployment amongst the young), social strife, high taxation bad employment relations and the French state is running out of taxpayers money.

Serves the voters right for voting for him in the first place then.