Do some women deserve it?

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Berlin mayor in mental breakdown

The Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller has suffered a mental breakdown as the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has gained support as voters become increasingly uneasy with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy, which saw about one million migrants arrive in Germany last year.

An increase in the right-wing AfD vote in the Berlin city elections would be seen around the world as the rebirth of the Nazis, the mayor of the German capital has whined.

Aww diddums, the sad little loser is worried about voters reacting to the importation of millions of muslims bring their “culture” to Germany.

Don’t forget that this is the same Berlin mayor who recently refused to answer a question from a journalist regarding the rapidly increasing crime rate in his city, which is largely the work of drug-smuggling immigrants?

Diversity or social cohesion.

Pick one.

The German voters are.

This is not the first time that German voters have rejected sad little Müller. His project to build business space and apartments on the former Tempelhof Airport were rejected in 2014 by a clear majority of the citizens of Berlin via a referendum.

But instead of trying to sort out Berlins problems Müller prefers to hang out with men in womens clothing. Pervert.



Merkel is an unfuckable lard arse

Barren Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor was called an “unfuckable lard arse” by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi it emerged last night.

Well, he does have a point. She isn’t the most attractive woman.

But what is worse than her physical appearance is her character and personality.

As a childless person she has no genetic legacy to pass on, she has no stake in the future. This explains why she has allowed Germany to be invaded by a two million strong horde of muslim attackers.

These invaders will never fit in to German or European society, they won’t even try. They will simply leech off the taxpayer due to their low IQ and form ghettos were German women will be afraid to enter.

This will end badly and a lot of people will get hurt.

Merkel is clearly disgusting and deserves all the disrespect she gets.

On Islamic Immigration

To quote Winston Churchill “Islam in a man is as fleas on a dog”.

Muslims believe that women are second class citizens, that non muslim women are asking to be raped, that non muslim men should pay tax to muslims and that homosexuals should be killed.

Muslims tend to come from countries with average IQs in the mid 80’s so if they come to Europe very few will be able to get a job and most will end up leeching off the taxpayer.

Why on earth people are happy about muslim immigration to civilised countries is beyond me.

Bavaria bans the burka

Bavaria will ban the full-face veil in schools, universities, government workplaces and polling stations, the southern German state said on Tuesday.

‘Communication happens not only via language but also via looks, facial expressions and gestures,’ Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said after the regional government agreed a draft law to ban the full-face veil for civil servants and in public places where there are concerns for public safety.

‘It’s the foundation of our interactions with each other and it’s the basis of our free and democratic order,’ he said. ‘Concealing your face is at odds with this culture of communication.’

What a good start by Bavaria, well done.

Should prostitution be legal

Interesting question, and its important to point out what the choice is.

We know from studies done in America and Germany that where prostitution is legal then rape and other sex crime goes down. Therefore the choice is this, make it legal and have less rapes or make it illegal and have more.

So there you have it, anybody who is against legal prostitution wants more women to get raped.

Merkel gets it wrong again

Angela Merkel said it was necessary to import more workers to pay for pensions.

But only 34,000 migrants out of the 1.2million who have arrived in Germany in the past two years have managed to find a job, new figures have revealed.

The statistics from the German government’s Institute for Labour Research (IAB) reveal how only three per cent of those who travelled to the country are now working.

And in addition out of those who are employed, nearly a quarter are just on temporary contracts.

Ordinary people instinctively understood this, these muslim immigrants don’t have anything to offer a civilised country like Germany as they have an average IQ in the mid 70’s. Indeed, with the average wage being about $100 a month in their home countries, they are much better off scrounging off the German taxpayer.

But barren Merkel doesn’t care, she has no children and therefore no genetic stake in the future. Merkel will always have a large taxpayer funded pension and her own personal police bodyguards so clearly won’t suffer from any interactions with the muslims.