Rules for success

  1. Lifelong learning. Keep your mind active and always be gaining wisdom, I don’t know of any clever and successful person who doesn’t read a lot.
  2. Get what you want by deserving what you want. Want a quality partner and happy marriage for instance, then become someone who deserves such.
  3. Understand your own competence. Put effort in where you are able and improve where you are lacking, this also helps with humility.
  4. Consider yourself a survivor. Never waste time thinking as a helpless victim, there is always something you can do to better yourself.
  5. Learn the big ideas in important disciplines. If your only mental tool is a hammer all problems will start to look like nails, they aren’t.
  6. Understand what you do. If you don’t understand it then stop doing it.
  7. Invest in a circle of trust. Trust others and their trust in you appreciates.
  8. Learn from history. Study others mistakes to avoid making them your self.
  9. You will suffer blows in life. Self pity is not useful here and will only hold you back.

Deflation is good for you

Deflation is when goods and services cost less in the future and inflation is when goods and services cost more in the future.

The old media, the elite and politicians all say that deflation is bad, and you will always find pet economists appearing in the media to parrot this stance.

But let me ask you a question, how is things getting cheaper a bad thing for ORDINARY people?

For ordinary people deflation is not a problem, but inflation kills their savings and means they have to work harder in the future to buy the same goods as they can now.

Politicians love inflation because it erodes government debt (whilst also eroding peoples savings).

The elite love inflation because their profits go up and it forces ordinary people to pay more in the future and therefore work harder.

The old media love inflation because they are told exactly what to report by their masters, the politicians and elite.

Bavaria bans the burka

Bavaria will ban the full-face veil in schools, universities, government workplaces and polling stations, the southern German state said on Tuesday.

‘Communication happens not only via language but also via looks, facial expressions and gestures,’ Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said after the regional government agreed a draft law to ban the full-face veil for civil servants and in public places where there are concerns for public safety.

‘It’s the foundation of our interactions with each other and it’s the basis of our free and democratic order,’ he said. ‘Concealing your face is at odds with this culture of communication.’

What a good start by Bavaria, well done.

How to increase your self confidence

Remember that embarrassing thing you did?

Nobody else does.

Self confidence boils down to not worrying about what other people think about you.

In psychology there is the research to prove that people think they are noticed much more than they really are. This is termed the “Spotlight Effect”. But the reality is you aren’t in a spotlight, other people are not looking at you, they have their own problems and are worrying about what you and others think about them.

If you don ‘t immediately agree with me ask yourself this question. How much time do you spend thinking about other people when they aren’t standing in front of you? Very little, I bet.

So fake it till you make it as the american saying goes. Other people will take what you say and do at face value.

So act as if you are full of self confidence, other people will assume that is who you are.

And sooner or later you will no longer have to act, it will become part of your personality.