Trump’s policies start to work

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Stupid lefty scum get a kicking in London

A talk hosted by Carl Benjamin, better known as “Sargon of Akkad,” at King’s College London was briefly interrupted by Antifa thugs before they were unmasked and physically removed by attendees.

The black-clad protesters who were promoted by a group of Marxists called North London Antifa attempted to assault Benjamin in his talk hosted by the KCL Libertarian Society. Benjamin, a classical liberal, faced wrongful accusations of being an “alt-right” vlogger for his support of Brexit and criticism of Marxism.

The tide has turned.

Ordinary people have woken up.

Our side cannot lose because our opponents are only a insignificant bunch of silly effeminate soiboy lefties.

Watch the video in the link and get a good laugh as the lefties are defeated and made to look stupid.

Introducing the Andrew Hunt manifesto

Considering a large part of this blog is about highlighting the sheer incompetence of the so called “elite”, it is only fair that I not only criticise them for their illogical views but also point out what changes I would like to see happen.

This is not me merely tilting at windmills.

Things move in cycles, and in the political sphere things are moving away from the left. In r/K selection terms we are galloping towards K.

Take for example, this survey of 21,000 white high school students in AmericaScreen Shot 2018-02-26 at 05.06.05.png

Or the UK population voting for Brexit despite the whole of the media and “polite society” being against it.

Or the rise of AfD in Germany.

The left are totally oblivious to all of this. Because of their pernicious ideology they are blind as to what is coming.

You know how the americans talk in terms of generations. Theres the greatest generation, the boomers, the millennials. Well guess what, the current generation of teenagers is called generation Zyklon after Zyklon B, the gas the socialists in WW2 germany killed the jews with.

Just think about that for a moment.

All over the world, the kids are not just turning their backs towards the lefties but actually holding the left in contempt, openly mocking their politically correct views.

There is no coming back from being laughed at and treated with scorn.

Those on the left will either go quietly and die in penury when deprived of the taxpayers money or will dangle from lampposts, their choice.

One of the secrets to a happy life is having something to look forward to, a sense that the world and your place in it is getting better, an impression that the world is going to recover its momentum.

I have a lot to look forward too.