Bill Clinton the intern abuser

How to tell that all lefties are hypocritical scum?

Lefties always say that power disparities are bad and what could be a greater power disparity than the president of the US and a lowly intern.

Bill Clinton used Monica Lewinsky as a sexual plaything and as his personal cigar holder, and receiving blowjobs in the oval office.

Lefty feminists, according to their own ideology should have been all over this like flies on shit. Instead they acquiesced to this behaviour with their silence thus proving that they don’t really care about women, only about using the useful idiots as a way of gaining power.

It was only the GOP that caused Clinton to lose his lawyers licence because he perjured himself.

This is just one way that lefties are scum, they don’t really mean what they say. They will say anything to gain power to control ordinary people.

Abi Wilkinson is a stupid hypocrite who can’t think

Silly Abi Wilkinson is a journalist who writes for the UK’s lefty newspaper the Guardian.

In her latest epistle she suggests that Inheritance Tax should be levied at 100% and all the proceeds used too fund the welfare state.

Immediately, her column received numerous replies that this was a stupid idea and most people regard her idea as bonkers.

Ordinary people want to pass on something to their progeny as they carry on ones genes, and most people work hard, and save money in order to do so. And they wouldn’t want their efforts to be wasted on a bunch of feckless wasters instead of their own children.

Why on earth is it that these woolly headed lefties are so massively out of touch with ordinary people.

Of course, there is also one further problem with idiot Wilkinsons idea. If people knew the state would take by force any savings they would simply not save anything. Productivity would plummet. This happens everywhere where socialism or tax farming is implemented. So the end result is that there would actually be less money for the welfare state anyway.

Having said that, like all lefty losers she doesn’t want this to apply to her which is typical behaviour from socialists.

Trump and Obama

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 22.07.56.png

What a contrast.

Americas 45th president, a certified genius, multi billionaire, competent in many different fields carries his own umbrella.

Americas 44th president, and the first half cast president, who hasn’t had any success outside of politics enjoys the trappings of power by getting a flunky to hold his umbrella.

Michael Moore goes mad

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 07.09.57.png

Michael Moore, the biased documentary film maker has gone mad.

Firstly, most ordinary Americans like Donald Trump and what he is tying to achieve.

Secondly, the sort of americans who dislike Trump are the weedy, soy hipster faggot, skinny jeaned Bernie Bros’, who wouldn’t know which end of a gun to hold and are afraid of their own shadow.

Thirdly, there is only a few hundred at most who would come to the Capital and they would shit themselves if they met any resistance.

What a joke the fat man is. And what a poor excuse to stay relevant and in the news.

He’s only doing it because he has a film to promote.