Teenage gangs, foreign burglars and waste in Wisbech

Mor news from last Fridays Wisbech Standard.

Local community group Wisbech Citizens Patrol (WCP) have suspended their patrols after being confronted by a teenage ‘gang’ on bicycles. What a sorry state of affairs this is. Clearly WCP are nothing more than loud mouthed dilettantes who don’t really care and who will buckle under the first sign of pressure. How sad they are.

Eighteen year old Kamil Huczko has been sentenced to 28 months in a youth prison following his third burglary conviction in 5 years. Kamil Huczko doesn’t sound like an English name to me, perhaps he should be deported instead or shouldn’t have even been allowed to enter the country, after all what does he bring that benefits us?

According to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, fenland schools face massive cuts under the conservatives. I only wish this was so, there is massive waste in govt spending on education and yet after 11 years of state education 20% of school leavers are functionally illiterate and most of the rest are hardly ready for work. Consider this, the govt spends about £5000 per child, in a class of 30 thats £150,000 a year. assume the staff cost £70,000, the room, £10,000 and books and equipment £10,000, thats only £90,000 a year. Where does the other £60,000 of taxpayers money go? Clearly, massive cuts to the education budget must be made.



Police Chief Cressida Dick is totally out of touch

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 15.16.40.png

Londons Metropolitan police chief Cressida Dick is so out of touch with ordinary people she doesn’t care about the deliberate murder of eight people but would rather ‘celebrate’ that London attracts foreign tourists which were then slaughtered.

This is not the first time useless virtue signaller Dick has come to prominence. The last time was when she gave the order to kill the Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes. Which was rather harsh treatment for overstaying your visa and having a forged visa in your passport.

Considering that the Met police chief is very much a political appointment I am not surprised.

Bill Cosby is innocent

Bill Cosby, the well known comedy actor has found that his accuser, one Andrea Constand knowingly and deliberately lied about her relationship with him.

It emerged in court that she lied to police and that after the alleged “rape” she phoned Mr. Cosby 53 times, some calls lasting half an hour or more and even  took her parents to see him perform outside of Toronto at some point after the supposed “rape.”

If someone raped you, dear reader, would you phone them up afterwards for a nice long chat and then take your parents to your rapists comedy show?

I hope the rape fantasist Constand get thrown into prison herself for making a clearly false rape allegation and lying about it afterwards.

Government also taxes taking your children on holiday

Governments everywhere are running out of money and politicians want to remain in power.

Put these two things together and instead of doing the decent thing and reduce govt spending the politicians are coming up with ever more sneaky ways to tax ordinary people.

So when ordinary people want to go away on a family holiday, a lot decide to go away during term time as booking a holiday is cheaper simply due to supply and demand.

So what do the sneaky UK govt do? they legislate that local education authorities can charge a £60 fixed penalty notice on each child. Last year over 70,000 of these fines were levied giving the govt an extra £4.2 million.

Of course the govt claim that taking children out of school harms their education, if this was true why do teacher training days also happen during term time as that also must harm childrens education?

Lena Dunham is a pedophile

Actress Lena Dunham is a disgusting pervert who has openly admitted “playing with” her younger sister and inserting crayons into the 4 year olds vagina.

Pedophile Dunham has tried to laugh it off as youthful experimentation but ordinary people know the truth.

The only reason pedophile Dunham is not behind bars where she so richly deserves to be is because the lefties look after their own no matter how degenerate they are.

But the internet has a long memory and socialism is in terminal decline.

Sooner or latter pedophile Dunham will be behind bars.

Are you a slave?

So Cambridgeshire police have started a campaign against slavery.

I don’t know why they are focussing on this instead of the myriad of real crimes ordinary people face, but there you go.

Some of the signs to look for are apparently:-

  1. Lack of personal possessions.
  2. Not being free to come and go as they wish.
  3. Working long hours.
  4. Not being allowed to speak for themselves

Imagine an ordinary person who earns the mean average of £26,000 a year. He pays direct taxes of £5,152 a year and indirect taxes of £2468 (employers NI). This leaves him with £18380. Assuming his mortgage/rent is £6000, this is a third higher than it would be simply due to govt regulations, so thats another £2000 off leaving him on £16380. Assume another £5000 of his sending incurs VAT at 20% and thats £1000 more tax. His salary of £26,000 gets reduced to £15,380. IOW, he losses £10,620 in possessions every year due to the govt.

He is not free to come and go as he likes due to passports.

He has to work longer hours that he should due to the govt taking a large chunk of his money.

And he is not allowed to speak for himself. If he complains of immigrants keeping his pay down etc, he is shouted down for being raaaaayyyyyycist and if he votes for Brexit, the politicians say he is an idiot who shouldn’t have had the vote in the first place and he doesn’t understand the issues.

Perhaps Cambs police should be informed!