Trump’s policies start to work

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Deputies told to stand down in Florida school shooting

In astonishing news it has been revealed that the Police at Stoneman Douglas High School were ordered  by Captain Jan Jordan to “stage” or form a “perimeter” outside , instead of rushing immediately into the building, as the mass shooting unfolded there.

Yet a copy of Broward County’s active-shooter policy appeared to indicate that responding deputies and officers may enter the building without permission and should seek to neutralize the shooter until objectives are met — for example, if the shooter is contained. The policy did not appear to indicate a priority for staging or a perimeter.

A picture of the useless idiot is below.

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In light of today being International womens day I wonder how dipshit Jordan got to be promoted to Captain.

Know doubt she ticked all the diversity boxes.

But I bet the parents of all the children killed would have preferred a senior police officer who was actually good at their job, perhaps, then the death toll would have been less.

How to make a muslim

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A Swedish woman posted the above.

Some deviant weirdo called “Johan Erikson” — complained that the 32-year-old woman’s meme was an “expression of hate and/or mockery of a demographic,”.

The local police started an investigation and prosecutor Sara Toreskog at Göteborg’s Prosecutor’s Office decided to put the woman on trial for “hets mot folkgrupp” (mockery of a demographic / hate speech) — a hate crime punishable by up to two years in prison.

I don’t know about the Swedish woman above but I openly mock the shit for brains rag heads who want to throw homosexuals of tall buildings, treat women as second class citizens and strap themselves with explosives and blow themselves up.

And all right thinking normal decent civilised people will agree with me.

Johan Erikson and Sara Torenkog, because of their deluded thinking that only a few mentally ill crackpots believe, should be deported to a muslim society like Saudi Arabia where their views are more in keeping with the locals.

Imagine that, two years imprisonment for telling the truth.

But muslim rapists only get 180 hours of community service

London Police ignore 9000 crimes every month

Londons Metropolitan Police are coping with a small rise in the crime rate by routinely ignoring crime, not even bothering to investigate illegal acts.

In September, the Met said it would stop investigating low-level crimes like as car crime and criminal damage.

There were 37,370 fewer cases investigated between September and December last year when compared with the same period in 2016, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Sun.

Just 33 per cent of burglaries were followed through with a proper investigation – a drop of 51 per cent from the previous year.

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Its a good rule of thumb that those that drape themselves with medals and braid deserve neither.

Why the fuck do we pay the plod if they aren’t actually going to do their job.

If Cressida Dick isn’t up to the job of running the Met then she should be sacked and lose her police pension.

By not even attempting to do her job properly this useless plod is clearly guilty of malfeasance in a public office. As such it would be good if she was  sentenced to 5 years hard labour and fed a diet of bread and water.

If she won’t do the decent thing and come quietly and hold her hands up then the alternative is that the great British public may well decide that she would look good dangling from a lamppost.

Dick by name, dick by nature I suppose.