Steve Count the greedy fat pig

Fridays Wisbech Standard had a most interesting front page.

Cambridgeshire County councillors have voted themselves a massive increase in their allowance, ordinary councillors will see their allowance go from £7933 to £10,233 a year and council leader, Steven Count (or should that be Cunt) goes from £15301 to a whopping £31,745.

Councillors (nor indeed any elected person) should not be paid or receive any sort of allowance or expenses. This is nothing more than brazen pigs at the trough and when the day of reckoning comes these greedy bastards will be dangling from the end of a rope.

As the council is Conservative controlled all the tories apart from one voted for this legalised theft and all the labour and lib den councillors voted against it. The other parties councillors will still receive the increases they only virtue signalled their opposition as they know the conservatives outnumber them and could easily push this through. If the other councillors were really against councillors allowances and the mega raise they would simply refuse to give the council their bank account details so the council would not be able to pay them but they haven’t done that, have they.

The one tory who abstained is Steve Tierney who I have mentioned here before. He certainly shows some level of understanding about this and he deserves praise for that. However, he only abstained and didn’t vote against it, not that his single vote would have made a difference to the outcome. The only reason he didn’t vote against is because all political parties (apart from UKIP, interestingly enough) use the whip system where if you go against the consensus they kick you out of the party and if Steve Tierney stood as an independent at the next election he would almost certainly lose his seat.

Stupid greedy bastard Steve Count tried to defend his position by claiming  that councillors were no longer able to partake in the local govt pension scheme. This farcical attempt at deceit clearly fails as councillors are not council workers but elected into their position.

Teenage gangs, foreign burglars and waste in Wisbech

Mor news from last Fridays Wisbech Standard.

Local community group Wisbech Citizens Patrol (WCP) have suspended their patrols after being confronted by a teenage ‘gang’ on bicycles. What a sorry state of affairs this is. Clearly WCP are nothing more than loud mouthed dilettantes who don’t really care and who will buckle under the first sign of pressure. How sad they are.

Eighteen year old Kamil Huczko has been sentenced to 28 months in a youth prison following his third burglary conviction in 5 years. Kamil Huczko doesn’t sound like an English name to me, perhaps he should be deported instead or shouldn’t have even been allowed to enter the country, after all what does he bring that benefits us?

According to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, fenland schools face massive cuts under the conservatives. I only wish this was so, there is massive waste in govt spending on education and yet after 11 years of state education 20% of school leavers are functionally illiterate and most of the rest are hardly ready for work. Consider this, the govt spends about £5000 per child, in a class of 30 thats £150,000 a year. assume the staff cost £70,000, the room, £10,000 and books and equipment £10,000, thats only £90,000 a year. Where does the other £60,000 of taxpayers money go? Clearly, massive cuts to the education budget must be made.



Why we need to control our own borders

Yesterdays fenland Citizen reported a perfect example of why we need to control our own borders.

Basically, a foreigner came over here and attacked two people really badly and received a six year prison sentence for grievous bodily harm.

The culprit, Sergejs Zorins, 36, had been drinking in Daphne Court, Wisbech with another man when he smashed a glass in the other mans face, stamped on his head and used the broken glass to cut his throat. He then punched a woman who tried to intervene before stamping on her head several times.

There is no reason for Zorins to ever be in this country, he has no skills or abilities that are in short supply, and as a violent thug we will be better off when he is deported after serving his prison sentence.

Quite frankly, any fool who tries to excuse this behaviour and supports open borders is nothing more than a window licking dolt.

In other news, conservative controlled Fenland District council are debating putting up the council tax by 1.99%. What a bunch of wasters, how about the council spending less taxpayers money for a change. Its not as though the council does much that is useful or needed.

Local foaming lefty John Smithee had another comedy letter in the paper where he claims that capitalism will eventually create giant global corporations. As usual Smithee doesn’t understand that only govts can allow this to happen by stopping the free market. Because in a free market there will always be new businesses formed to take on the larger corporations.

Cllr Alan Lay is innocent and Steve Tierney is a bully

Fridays Wisbech Standard reports on the end of the sorry saga of cllr Alan Lay being accused of bringing the council into disrepute by cllr Steve Tierney.

Alan Lay has been totally cleared and it is Steve Tierney who is not only left with egg on this face but appears to be a bully.

Quite frankly, it is sour grapes on Tierneys part because Mr Lay unseated him on Cambs County Council where Tierney was seen as one of the rising stars. If you take into account the councillors allowance that Tierney has lost over the four years it amounts to well over £60,000. No wonder Tierney has it in for cllr Lay.

What a sore loser.

However, coming back to the hearing, Cllr Rob Scolding was scathing, complaining “I feel they are playing games with us” and added “This is a form of bullying”.

At this point, enquiring minds will wonder what on earth happened. Let me explain.

At a meeting in November while the council was talking about disabled access the mayor cllr Gary Tibbs said to cllr Lay “I am going to advise you to be extremely careful about what you are going to say next after what you have just heard”, while standing up and pointing at him.

(At this point let me introduce a legal point, an ‘assault’ is the threat of force  (a ‘battery’ is the application of force), why did cllr Tibbs stand up and point at cllr Lay whilst telling him to be careful. Cllr Tibbs did not need to stand up and point, did his standing up and pointing make the frail 78 year old cllr Lay afraid?)

At a meeting in December, cllr Lay said he had been threatened by cllr Tibbs.

Cllr Tierney took exception to this saying it brings the council into disrepute and made the complaint.

During the hearing where cllr Lay was totally and entirely cleared, cllr David Mason reminded the meeting about the time cllr Tierney thrust a camera into cllr Lays face. Cllr Scolding reported that in the paperwork for the case he was unhappy to read words like “lazy Lay” and “scumbag”.

Steve Tierney is a bully.

Shame on him.

He is less of a man than Alan lay.


Are you a slave?

So Cambridgeshire police have started a campaign against slavery.

I don’t know why they are focussing on this instead of the myriad of real crimes ordinary people face, but there you go.

Some of the signs to look for are apparently:-

  1. Lack of personal possessions.
  2. Not being free to come and go as they wish.
  3. Working long hours.
  4. Not being allowed to speak for themselves

Imagine an ordinary person who earns the mean average of £26,000 a year. He pays direct taxes of £5,152 a year and indirect taxes of £2468 (employers NI). This leaves him with £18380. Assuming his mortgage/rent is £6000, this is a third higher than it would be simply due to govt regulations, so thats another £2000 off leaving him on £16380. Assume another £5000 of his sending incurs VAT at 20% and thats £1000 more tax. His salary of £26,000 gets reduced to £15,380. IOW, he losses £10,620 in possessions every year due to the govt.

He is not free to come and go as he likes due to passports.

He has to work longer hours that he should due to the govt taking a large chunk of his money.

And he is not allowed to speak for himself. If he complains of immigrants keeping his pay down etc, he is shouted down for being raaaaayyyyyycist and if he votes for Brexit, the politicians say he is an idiot who shouldn’t have had the vote in the first place and he doesn’t understand the issues.

Perhaps Cambs police should be informed!


Brian Ford the conceited prof, nice man Alan Lay and the arrest of Kit Carson on charges of kiddie fiddling

Fridays Wisbech Standard was a mixed bag.

Eastrea resident Professor Brian Ford was moaning about the lack of busses. I have a simple answer to Brian, if you want more busses then fund them yourself instead of wanting the taxpayer to cough up. No doubt the erudite prof has been overthinking such elementary, uncomplicated, straightforward and transparent matters.

The continuing saga of Alan Lay being harassed by the local tories rumbles on. I have no idea if Mayor cllr Gary Tibbs used threatening language to Mr Lay but he did do to me. And I do know the tories were extremely put out by his election victory over them and have been unpleasant to him. It is hilarious to think the tories are saying that Alan Lay in any way threatened them, he is a 78 year old man and looks correspondingly frail. I know Alan Lay, he is far too placid and nice to do anything like that.

Having said that Mr Lay is great friends with well known loony lefty couple the Buckners and shares most of their warped views. Indeed when Mr Lay was Fenlands UKIP chairman he made sure that no UKIP candidates stood against the Buckners in a district council election. So perhaps its karma.

Many years ago I used to play a football management game on my computer called Football Manager. I never started as one of the big teams like Man U or Chelsea or even the biggest club in the world Barcelona, that would have been too easy. I always started in the lower leagues and tried to get promotion. As such the club I managed was always suffering from lack of decent players and coaches. Therefore I always tried to improve my players by bringing in a couple of new coaches  for the first few years. One coach in particular was Kit Carson a journeyman coach around the lower leagues who in the game always started as unemployed so i could get him cheaply and he was good enough for the first few years. Imagine my surprise when I read about his arrest on alleged charges of sexual assault on children.

FDC back down on being nasty to renters

In a stunning turn of events in a private meeting, a backbench rebellion by conservative councillors has forced Fenland District Council into a humiliating climb down on being nasty to people who rent.

The proposal to licence all landlords at a cost of over £575 would have simply been passed on by the landlords to their tenants, who, let’s be frank, usually are poor people who simply can’t afford to buy which is why they rent.

This would have done nothing to stop bad landlords and would have been additional incentive for good landlords to not be active in Wisbech. Indeed, if the council where actually serious about helping tenants they would argue for a totally free market with no restrictions to entry thus ensuring full competition. Good landlords would therefore be able to outcompete the bad ones and standards would go up across the board.

Cabinet member cllr David Oliver is clearly away with the fairies if he sincerely believes licencing of rental properties would have any effect on rogue landlords who ignore the law anyway. Cllr Oliver has always struck me as a fat oaf, totally out of his depth.

So three cheers to cllrs Tierney, Hoy and others for stopping the council putting up the rent on poor people.