Reinstating the death penalty

Many people are unhappy that the UK no longer has the death penalty for the heinous behaviour of the worst criminals.

As part of my continuing manifesto series I thought I would comment on this.

I would not bring back the death penalty, I don’t think it is a good idea for the state to be killing people.

There are three reasons for this.

  1. The state will make mistakes and even if a very high degree of certainty is required for execution this would be subject to change should the political climate require it.
  2.  Prison costs a lot of money, execution would cost the price of a bullet. Yes this is true but under my system those serving a life sentence would be shackled, have to break rocks and not get any of the niceties of life that prisoners currently get. The yearly cost would still be more than a bullet but nowhere near the current cost of about £30,000 a year.
  3. The regime would be very harsh, the prisoners will not like it and there will be no avoidance. The prisoners will suffer (good, if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime). This will only affect those like child killers and terrorists and they deserve it.

Members of Parliament should not be paid

I thought I would kick of my manifesto with details about the nature of our democracy here in the UK.

At the moment we have about 650 MP’s who can vote themselves money from the taxpayer. I think this is wrong. MP’s should get nothing from the taxpayer.

After all, what is the actual job of an MP. It is to scrutinise and vote on legislation. But this is not what most of them actually do. Very few MP’s actually ever spend much time carefully considering legislation, instead they merely parrot what a few of their colleagues and their parties think tanks dream up.

One thing they do is to help constituencies with problems that happen with gov’t departments but should not gov’t departments do their jobs properly in the first place?

So, as scrutinisers of legislation, they should be successful people with a track record behind them. This is because success is VERY highly correlated with intelligence and conscientiousness and it is fully appropriate that those high up in the dominance hierarchy are capable and competent.

As successful people they will already have plenty of money before getting elected and hence don’t need taxpayer support.

We can also scrap the vastly over generous pensions that MP’s get. This can be removed immediately, including to those pensions already in payment.

Some may argue that stopping MP’s leeching off the taxpayer is somewhat draconian and that ordinary people would have no incentive to stand for election. A simple solution to this is to halve the number of MP’s which makes the average size of a constituency about 120,000 voters. Then MP’s can then start a GoFundMe or Patroen account and solicit donations from their supporters amongst the public and have 120,000 potential donors.

Other ways to cut the cost would be to stop the taxpayer coughing up for MP’s staff and remove the extremely heavily subsidised restaurant and bar facilities in parliament.

The end result is a £100 million saving for the taxpayer and MP’s of a higher calibre who spend more time on their actual function instead of grubbing for votes.

Of course, prodnose lobby fodder with no actual ability would be out of luck but who cares about them. They can get a job in the same way that ordinary people do. No doubt their local McDonalds is always hiring but perhaps they think that is beneath their dignity.

Tough luck.

Introducing the Andrew Hunt manifesto

Considering a large part of this blog is about highlighting the sheer incompetence of the so called “elite”, it is only fair that I not only criticise them for their illogical views but also point out what changes I would like to see happen.

This is not me merely tilting at windmills.

Things move in cycles, and in the political sphere things are moving away from the left. In r/K selection terms we are galloping towards K.

Take for example, this survey of 21,000 white high school students in AmericaScreen Shot 2018-02-26 at 05.06.05.png

Or the UK population voting for Brexit despite the whole of the media and “polite society” being against it.

Or the rise of AfD in Germany.

The left are totally oblivious to all of this. Because of their pernicious ideology they are blind as to what is coming.

You know how the americans talk in terms of generations. Theres the greatest generation, the boomers, the millennials. Well guess what, the current generation of teenagers is called generation Zyklon after Zyklon B, the gas the socialists in WW2 germany killed the jews with.

Just think about that for a moment.

All over the world, the kids are not just turning their backs towards the lefties but actually holding the left in contempt, openly mocking their politically correct views.

There is no coming back from being laughed at and treated with scorn.

Those on the left will either go quietly and die in penury when deprived of the taxpayers money or will dangle from lampposts, their choice.

One of the secrets to a happy life is having something to look forward to, a sense that the world and your place in it is getting better, an impression that the world is going to recover its momentum.

I have a lot to look forward too.