Why did Stephen Paddock do it?

What do we know about Stephen Paddock?

  1. He was very intelligent.
  2. He had a bad childhood.
  3. He inherited a level of mental health problems from his father.
  4. He was a very private person.

Combine these together and you get someone with a lot of anxiety who bottled it all up. He was prescribed Valium by a doctor but this had the side effect of making his mental health worse.

If he also had a level of narcissism then he would want to destroy people who were happy.

If you then add in that he was disaffected with politics then you get a volcano waiting to explode.

Banning guns is therefore clearly not the solution because killers like this would simply use homemade bombs or cars or even kitchen knives to have a go at others. If you want to stop this happening then you have to address the root causes of this.


Fake media lies about Las Vegas shooting

The old fake media is having a great time coming out with lies and distortions to cover up the truth. USA Today think we can’t possibly know that deranged Paddock was an extreme lefty who hated republicans enough to want to kill them.

We can find out the killers motive and yes, it does matter.

The fact that the old media don’t want to talk about this is that they are loony lefties too and want to cover up their connection to this heinous crime.

Shame on them.