Trump was right, he was wiretapped by Obama

In a shocking turn of events that must have really stuck in the throat of those that are against truth and reality, it has been revealed that Donald Trump WAS wiretapped by the Obama administration.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee ignited a new battle over President Donald Trump’s claims that he was spied on by the Obama administration, saying that U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted information about people involved in the Trump transition team.

Obviously, they are trying to claim that this was accidental, but nobody with a brain is going to beleive that.

This is illegal, there is no wriggle room, they can’t pretend that even if it was “accidental” that makes it less illegal.

People are going to get punished over this.

And the old media with their fake news claims have been found to be lying yet again.

In support of Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo was over the target dropping bombs attacking the lefties.

He was being effective, very effective.

His “Dangerous Faggot” tour of american universities was simply stunning in powerful argument in favour of free speech and general freedom. he was teaching students the reality to which the left had no answer.

So the left do what they do best. Through innuendo, fake news, taking things out of context and outright lies they tried to make out Milo was some sort of kiddie fiddler.

The reality is Milo was a victim of pedophillia and the left are simply blaming the victim (I thought they were supposed to be against that sort of thing).

Milo is very intelligent, I am sure he will bounce back.

Paul Joseph Watson on virtue signalling celebrities

Paul Joseph Watson on the disgusting hypocrisy of virtue signalling celebrities who will never have to suffer from the effects of being swamped with immigrants.

They will never have to worry about losing their jobs and having their pay held down because of immigration, unlike ordinary people.

They will never find it difficult to get an appointment with their GP or wait for a hospital consultation, unlike ordinary people.

They will never have their children’s education suffer because english is a minority language in the classroom, unlike ordinary people.

They will continue to live in their mansions with massive walls in nice areas that will never become sink estates or face the crime wave that accompanies massive immigration, unlike ordinary people.

These celebrities clearly don’t care about ordinary people.

Its time for ordinary people to learn that lesson.

And start trading these celebrities with the contempt they deserve.


Should religion be reinvented

Religion was important in  olden times, it gave a structure to society and gave the elite a power base from which to govern yet it would not have prospered unless ordinary people also benefitted in some way.

I am not saying that religion gave people something to believe in or the chance of a better life in the hereafter but that it was useful as a guide to life, i.e. don’t borrow or lend money, form a mutual pair bond, treat other people as they treat you etc.

Until the start of the industrial revolution (hooray for capitalism) ordinary people had it hard. Staying alive was a struggle, lack of food and no education meant people needed all the help they could get. Religion supplied that help.

We can see a modern day counterpart in the opposite of religion in the welfare state. Nowadays the thick are looked after from the cradle to the grave and no longer get the social reinforcement that would better direct them to lead purposeful lives and be happier.

Take a walk around your local “sink” estate, council house slums, living of the taxpayer and crime, full of depravity, the lack of morality is palpable.

Yet religion is falling. People no longer believe in supreme beings, messengers from god, virgin births etc.

How do we as a society keep the useful bits that ordinary people can use to help themselves whist doing away with the supreme being stuff?

One way is to use honest conversation, a perfect example is Stefan Molyneaux at Freedman Radio (FDR).

To quote Infogalactic:- In 2005, Molyneux began a podcast called Freedomain Radio (FDR).[7] He uses the same name for the website on which he distributes his own writings, hosts podcast archives, and provides an Internet forum for FDR listeners. Molyneux also produces videos and commentary on current events, and he presents a weekly call-in show on which listeners can ask questions or discuss personal issues.

There is a clear public appetite for honest conversation Freedman Radio got well over 100 million downloads in 2016 alone. Mr Molyneauxs books which are all available as free downloads would all dominate the best seller lists. And this is all done by voluntary donations, there is no advertising.

So, if you are curious about the big questions, need help with philosophical problems or just need good old fashioned honest conversation head over to Freedomain Radio.

John Smithie the lefty loony

Yesterdays Fenland Citizen had a letter from regular correspondent John Smithie who deliberately conflates tax avoidance (which is legal)  with tax evasion ( which is illegal).

Loony lefty Smithie was moaning that rich people were avoiding tax. Perhaps Smithie should consider that almost everyone avoids paying tax not just rich people.

Ordinary people avoid paying VAT when they decide to save money instead of buying a new cooker or telly,  over 15 million ordinary people have avoided Income Tax when they open ISA’s. People with pensions avoid both Income Tax and National Insurance and the millions that are into home brewing avoid both VAT and Alcohol Duty.

Millions of ordinary people avoid all sorts of taxes every day and its perfectly legal because thats what the law says.

No doubt the Citizen includes Smithies badly written missives due to their comedy value.

Also in the Citizen was a report of a few misguided souls gathering at the Freedom Bridge roundabout because they don’t like what the voters in another country have done. Martin Field and Sue Marshall (who is the labour party constituency chairwoman) don’t like the election of Donald Trump even through its nothing to do with them.

These useless fools would rather protest about something they can’t influence or change instead of concentrating on the problems that the Fenland area faces. These people live in Fenland, why on earth are they tilting at windmills about a foreign country 3,000 miles away.

What sad little people they must be.

Politicians want to control you

A friend was moaning that he couldn’t do overtime at work. I pointed out that this was because of a piece of legislation called the working time directive.

He said words to the effect that it was a pain in the bum and all politicians could…and his voice trailed off…

I mentioned that even though he himself might not be interested in politics and not vote, politics (ie politicians) was interested in him

Not for what they can do FOR him but for what they can do TO him.

And this is something ordinary people really do have to learn. Its a difficult lesson but slowly and surely it is happening because people are no longer reliant on the old media.

All over the internet, forums, blogs, videos have sprung up where ordinary people can mention their concerns and learn more about what bothers them, and guess what, when they become more informed the general public do things like vote for Brexit and Donald Trump.