Rocketman and the democrats

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 09.59.39.png

Little rocket man is willing to have talks with Trump

But the democrats are not even prepared to meet Trump halfway.

The democrats, worse than a silly little dictator.

What sad little losers they must be.


War with North Korea was fake news

Remember a few months ago when the mainstream media lambasted Trump over his combative comments about North Korea saying it was bringing World War 3 closer.

Guess what, not only does the nasty little dictator of North Korea wants talks with America but he is also talking about giving up nuclear weapons altogether.

And all because of Trumps tough talk.

And this is why the old media is dying. They gave up simply reporting on what is actually happening and started to offer comment on the news instead.

Unfortunately, their comments are always wrong.

No wonder they are dying and are labeled as fake news.

How to make a muslim

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 19.27.50.png

A Swedish woman posted the above.

Some deviant weirdo called “Johan Erikson” — complained that the 32-year-old woman’s meme was an “expression of hate and/or mockery of a demographic,”.

The local police started an investigation and prosecutor Sara Toreskog at Göteborg’s Prosecutor’s Office decided to put the woman on trial for “hets mot folkgrupp” (mockery of a demographic / hate speech) — a hate crime punishable by up to two years in prison.

I don’t know about the Swedish woman above but I openly mock the shit for brains rag heads who want to throw homosexuals of tall buildings, treat women as second class citizens and strap themselves with explosives and blow themselves up.

And all right thinking normal decent civilised people will agree with me.

Johan Erikson and Sara Torenkog, because of their deluded thinking that only a few mentally ill crackpots believe, should be deported to a muslim society like Saudi Arabia where their views are more in keeping with the locals.

Imagine that, two years imprisonment for telling the truth.

But muslim rapists only get 180 hours of community service

Is political violence ever justified?

Interesting question, as a moral point violence can never be justified unless it is entirely in self defence and stops as soon as necessary.

However, there is another approach.

I will let my opponents make the rules.

They set the rules which I will abide by, seems fair to me.

Jeremy Corbyn, the labour party leader and John McDonnell, the labour party shadow chancellor both believe in political violence.

Corbin has openly shared a stage with IRA terrorists but never with loyalist terrorists and McDonnell has called the deliberate murder of 50 million chinese during their ‘cultural revolution’ a footnote in history.

Clearly both support political violence in support of their political aims. They don’t come out and actively state this but give a massive nod and wink that only a blind man could miss.

Fair enough, they have made the rules. As such I and people like me are fully justified in shooting them and bombing their supporters.

Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Sec Amber Rudd are also my political enemies.

They believe in using all the power of the state to censor my opinions and fair comment.

OK, they have made the rules. As such, I and people like me are fully justified in making sure they can’t disseminate their poisonous views by putting them in solitary confinement for example.

I can easily see the day when these four ridiculous specimens end up being treated like Gaddafi in Libya or Ceaușescu in Romania.

Its time for ordinary people to stop being nice.

I’ll leave the last word to Jordan Peterson.

Why did Stephen Paddock do it?

What do we know about Stephen Paddock?

  1. He was very intelligent.
  2. He had a bad childhood.
  3. He inherited a level of mental health problems from his father.
  4. He was a very private person.

Combine these together and you get someone with a lot of anxiety who bottled it all up. He was prescribed Valium by a doctor but this had the side effect of making his mental health worse.

If he also had a level of narcissism then he would want to destroy people who were happy.

If you then add in that he was disaffected with politics then you get a volcano waiting to explode.

Banning guns is therefore clearly not the solution because killers like this would simply use homemade bombs or cars or even kitchen knives to have a go at others. If you want to stop this happening then you have to address the root causes of this.