Rocketman and the democrats

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 09.59.39.png

Little rocket man is willing to have talks with Trump

But the democrats are not even prepared to meet Trump halfway.

The democrats, worse than a silly little dictator.

What sad little losers they must be.


Stupid lefty scum get a kicking in London

A talk hosted by Carl Benjamin, better known as “Sargon of Akkad,” at King’s College London was briefly interrupted by Antifa thugs before they were unmasked and physically removed by attendees.

The black-clad protesters who were promoted by a group of Marxists called North London Antifa attempted to assault Benjamin in his talk hosted by the KCL Libertarian Society. Benjamin, a classical liberal, faced wrongful accusations of being an “alt-right” vlogger for his support of Brexit and criticism of Marxism.

The tide has turned.

Ordinary people have woken up.

Our side cannot lose because our opponents are only a insignificant bunch of silly effeminate soiboy lefties.

Watch the video in the link and get a good laugh as the lefties are defeated and made to look stupid.