Teenage gangs, foreign burglars and waste in Wisbech

Mor news from last Fridays Wisbech Standard.

Local community group Wisbech Citizens Patrol (WCP) have suspended their patrols after being confronted by a teenage ‘gang’ on bicycles. What a sorry state of affairs this is. Clearly WCP are nothing more than loud mouthed dilettantes who don’t really care and who will buckle under the first sign of pressure. How sad they are.

Eighteen year old Kamil Huczko has been sentenced to 28 months in a youth prison following his third burglary conviction in 5 years. Kamil Huczko doesn’t sound like an English name to me, perhaps he should be deported instead or shouldn’t have even been allowed to enter the country, after all what does he bring that benefits us?

According to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, fenland schools face massive cuts under the conservatives. I only wish this was so, there is massive waste in govt spending on education and yet after 11 years of state education 20% of school leavers are functionally illiterate and most of the rest are hardly ready for work. Consider this, the govt spends about £5000 per child, in a class of 30 thats £150,000 a year. assume the staff cost £70,000, the room, £10,000 and books and equipment £10,000, thats only £90,000 a year. Where does the other £60,000 of taxpayers money go? Clearly, massive cuts to the education budget must be made.



Deflation is good for you

Deflation is when goods and services cost less in the future and inflation is when goods and services cost more in the future.

The old media, the elite and politicians all say that deflation is bad, and you will always find pet economists appearing in the media to parrot this stance.

But let me ask you a question, how is things getting cheaper a bad thing for ORDINARY people?

For ordinary people deflation is not a problem, but inflation kills their savings and means they have to work harder in the future to buy the same goods as they can now.

Politicians love inflation because it erodes government debt (whilst also eroding peoples savings).

The elite love inflation because their profits go up and it forces ordinary people to pay more in the future and therefore work harder.

The old media love inflation because they are told exactly what to report by their masters, the politicians and elite.

Government also taxes taking your children on holiday

Governments everywhere are running out of money and politicians want to remain in power.

Put these two things together and instead of doing the decent thing and reduce govt spending the politicians are coming up with ever more sneaky ways to tax ordinary people.

So when ordinary people want to go away on a family holiday, a lot decide to go away during term time as booking a holiday is cheaper simply due to supply and demand.

So what do the sneaky UK govt do? they legislate that local education authorities can charge a £60 fixed penalty notice on each child. Last year over 70,000 of these fines were levied giving the govt an extra £4.2 million.

Of course the govt claim that taking children out of school harms their education, if this was true why do teacher training days also happen during term time as that also must harm childrens education?

The peasants revolt, the black death and money

I’ve just read a good book on the Peasants Revolt by Juliet Barker. The Black Death of the 14th century immensely reduced the work force. But England saw a huge economic upswing and labourers saw their wages shoot up, and landlords tried to poach labour from each other by offering freedom to serfs in return for paying cash rents. Unsurprisingly free labour was much more productive than serf labour. Nor was it bad news for landlords, as there were fewer of them with bigger estates than before, and many of them switched to sheep-farming, which proved very lucrative. By 1400, England’s GDP was probably the same as in 1350, but with half the population.

The Revolt was a good example of De Tocqueville’s view that revolutions occur when things are getting better. Most rebels weren’t poor, but rather well off peasants, burgesses, blacksmiths, innkeepers etc. even some minor gentry, and MP’s, who were increasingly literate, could afford to go to law against grasping abbots and landlords, and who were protesting over unjust taxation and corrupt government (eg you had magistrates charged with enforcing maximum wage laws cheerfully breaking them with their labour forces, landlords imposing feudal fines much more rigorously on prospering peasants).

It’s also worth noting inflation can happen in weird ways.  This meant both that farm labour was more valuable, increasing wages, and food scarcer, increasing food prices. However, the cost of things like swords declined. Because so many people had died, there were a lot of weapons and suchlike that belonged to the recently departed. Inflation, therefore, was affected in opposite directions for different things but caused by the same plague.

Historically, silver and gold were used to determine value, that value varying in practical (though not nominal) terms according to the percentage of precious metal used. Nowadays, coins have very little inherent value (with rare exceptions, such as gold sovereigns).

Which does raise an interesting point. The actual coins you have are worth almost nothing. But because society all agrees to pretend they have value, they do.

Gorilla Midset by Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich is a lawyer, documentary filmmaker and the author of best-selling self help book Gorilla Mindset.  His websites have been visited by tens of millions of people and his controversial Twitter page receives over 150 million impressions a month.

This is a great book for changing the way you view and perceive life. It’s written to teach you how to make yourself more successful and improve health through a complete mental mindset shift. It offers a good synthesis of information that’s available from several other sources all in one place and presented in an easy to read format that doesn’t waste the readers time. In a world where lefty lies surround you and men everywhere are being neutered this is the kind of mindset manual you need to create a life worth living.

Millions are trapped in a situation where life just pushes them around, so instead of whining its not fair why not get proactive to actually do something to change your position.

The book comes with exercises to do, and if you aren’t willing to do them then this isn’t for you. But if you are willing then this will open up your life and you will develop the skills and habits necessary to live a life that you are in control of.

Think of Gorilla Mindset as a practical instruction manual that you will reread several times, it is that good. If you need that extra push, or are looking for a way to take your life to the next level, this is a great place to start.

I highly recommend this book. And it is available here.

How to save money

Short of money at the end of the month.

Always feeling that you can’t stretch your pay.

Never get around to saving any money?

It’s always tough trying to get some savings but there is something you can do that I guarantee will work.

It’s called the “pay yourself first” method.

Decide how much you want to save each week or month or whatever, I suggest you start small at a tenner a week.

As soon as you get paid, say monthly, take £43 pounds out and save this. It doesn’t matter where you save it, it could be another bank account, money jar, under your pillow or even an actual ceramic piggy bank. That is your savings.

Feel free to do whatever you want with the rest of your pay but don’t touch your savings.

Thats it.

It works by concentrating your mind.

And when you are able to save for a number of months the discipline you have learned will enable you to save more/increase your income.

And you end up having more options in life because thats what savings get you.