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How to fight back

With all the gloom and doom about devout muslim terrorism, govt debt and rules and regulations and a politically correct society, dear reader, you will have asked yourself what can be done to stop it.

Here is a short list.

  1. Get fit, as you won’t be able to do anything if your body will let you down. All men should lift weights. Do a bit of cardio as well and eat proper food that you cook yourself.
  2. Get a gun. Here in the UK we can’t get a pistol for self defence but we can join a clay pigeon shooting club and get a shotgun. Other countries in Europe are similar.
  3. Don’t buy from muslim corner shops or Kebab shops. If you don’t know the antecedents of the shop owner/workers simply shop elsewhere.
  4. Cut down the consumerism. Spending all your money on crap doesn’t improve your life. Starve the govt of tax and increase the size of your own bank account instead.
  5. Don’t be friendly with muslims but be friendly with ex muslims or those from muslim countries who have disagreed the superstitious nonsense from the religion of the kiddie fiddler. Also don’t be friendly towards lefties.
  6. Find common cause with others. We are not alone, find others in society and help them.
  7. Don’t get disheartened because WE ARE WINNING. A shift in society away from the lefties towards our side has already started and WILL continue. Part of the reason why I do this blog is not just to spread the message but keep up morale by including funny memes.