I am the man Jordan Peterson warned you about



Fascinating stuff.


Trump keeps on winning

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Good for American farmers and food manufacturers, good for American taxpayers and good for the recipients of taxpayer benefits as they will no longer be able to sell their SNAP cards for 50cents on the dollar in order to buy booze or drugs.


Win win all round.

Donald trump did say you will get tired of all the winning.

Well Mr President, I’m not.

Why did Stephen Paddock do it?

What do we know about Stephen Paddock?

  1. He was very intelligent.
  2. He had a bad childhood.
  3. He inherited a level of mental health problems from his father.
  4. He was a very private person.

Combine these together and you get someone with a lot of anxiety who bottled it all up. He was prescribed Valium by a doctor but this had the side effect of making his mental health worse.

If he also had a level of narcissism then he would want to destroy people who were happy.

If you then add in that he was disaffected with politics then you get a volcano waiting to explode.

Banning guns is therefore clearly not the solution because killers like this would simply use homemade bombs or cars or even kitchen knives to have a go at others. If you want to stop this happening then you have to address the root causes of this.

Hugh Hefner dead and your brain on porn

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 09.25.05.pngHugh Hefner is dead at the age of 91.

His key psychological insight was that women love having pictures taken of themselves and if he made it look classy enough he could talk the girl next door into taking her clothes off for a photo shoot.  He took advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity that we will never see again. Today, women have web cams and youtube to show off and don’t need a Hefner  pornographer.

But what is the “Playboy” lifestyle other than the urban homosexual lifestyle repackaged with heterosexuality. No legacy – no love – just endless hedonism.

You may admire his alpha lifestyle, but he was in it for the cash, using & manipulating men’s base desires for pure greed & profit.

In the over 50 years he was in business, did Hefner ever actually help other men in terms of gaming women, teaching about true female nature and behaviour, being more confident or improving themselves. If anything, the advent of mass produced legal paper pornography made a whole 2 to 3 generations of men into masturbation addicts who found themselves unable to do any real life approaches.

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No, he didnt give a fuck about impoving the lives of males everywhere. In fact, the decline in masculinity and men’s status in the world in the past 50 years is also thanks to this loser pornographer. He gave nothing useful to his fellow man except feelings of envy and low self worth.

It is one thing to have a great wife, many great children and an army of younger mistresses on the side. However, the glorified Playboy lifestyle is eternal bachelorhood, which is not only utterly barren, but it also does not age well.

According to reports, during his later years he’d need a dozen women in the room having an orgy with each other whilst he watched gay porn on the TV to get off.

And what about the playboy bunnies themselves?


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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” [Ecclesiastes 3]


Breast in peace.

Porn effects your brain badly.

For more information on this go to Your brain on porn.