Homage to Catalonia

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Spain loses the moral war

The Catalan area of Spain is holding a referendum about being independent from Spain.

This is illegal in two senses in that the Catalan govt is using taxpayer funding earmarked for something else and the vote has no validity under the Spanish constitution.

However the Spanish govt has sent in the police to bust a few heads.

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This is not going to end well.

It doesn’t matter that the Catalan govt are a bunch of stupid lefties who will ruin their economy and (legally) curtail their citizens rights with a multitude of silly counterproductive rules and regulations.

People believe in the idea of democracy and that the reason their governments are legitimate is due to this. Remove this illusion at your peril because “the law” does not actually exist in any real sense. It is only what people agree it is, and it will cease to exist when a sufficient number of people unilaterally decide to withdraw from it.

Starburka Refugee, the new name for Starbucks in Spain.

The unemployment rate in Spain is about 20%.

This is because of the lefty rules and regulations imposed by govt.

Spain is also being overrun by immigrant invaders just like Germany and the rest of Europe is.

Starbucks, the american coffee shop chain started virtue signalling and pledged to hire 10,000 of the invaders instead of unemployed Spanish people.

Starbucks stores have therefore had their signage changed.

Quite right too.

Its nice to see decent ordinary Spanish people standing up for themselves and I look forward to the day that Starbucks goes out of business.

I have also started to boycott Starbucks as well and I don’t even live in Spain.