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Rape is rape is rape

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If someone is raped it doesn’t matter if their attackers an immigrant or a local.

This is pure unadulterated nonsense from lefty feminism. How deluded and divorced from reality can these people be.

But it does show the real nature of the left who don’t care about ordinary people and feminists who, clearly, don’t care about women getting raped.

They are mentally ill.

Alt left terrorist Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas

So far, 59 dead and 515 injured.

The shooter, one Stephen Paddock was a die hard lefty raised by a single mother. his father was a bank robber who probably had mental health problems and this was passed down to his son.

Whilst it is true that classic “psychopaths” show early signs of criminality, many of the more intelligent ones are able to avoid legal problems. It’s also relevant that all mental health diagnoses are essentially clusters of observable patterns rather than hard and fast rules, and things like narcissism and sociopathy exist on a spectrum of traits, not as black and white categories.

Antisocial and narcissistic individuals are very unlikely to willingly seek any mental health treatment, and when they do it is even less likely to be effective. There are medications that can sometimes “take the edge off” their anger and irritability but otherwise there is no pill that can cure their core issue, and as for therapy they almost by definition don’t see themselves as the cause of their problems, so why should they change?

Combine this with his extreme left wing views of political life as detailed on his Facebook page (which has now been taken down) of:-

-Proud to Be A Democrat
-The Rachel Maddow Show​
-Thank You Obama
-Anti-Trump Army
-Progressive Day,
Organizing for Action (Soros)
-Not My President
-Fight Trump
-Boycott All Things Trump
-Impeach Trump

And you end up with someone who thinks he knows best for everyone else but gets incredibly frustrated when his idiot ideology is soundly rejected by ordinary people.

Therefore what better revenge than to murder the supporters of his political enemies (and the Americans who go to Country and Western concerts in America are predominantly Republican voters).

Remember the biggest mass murderers in history are all lefties, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot.

Lefties really are deranged and mentally ill idiots.