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Guardian journalist Felicity Lawrence wants poor people to go hungry

There’s plenty you could do to make it a more sustainable industry….But that, too, would cost more.

We know roughly how much more, since the top end of organic production already does these things, and a posh chicken from that sort of outlet is three to four times as expensive as a conventional supermarket one. But there are hardly votes in arguing we should pay that much for our chicken. Politicians dare not say it for fear of sounding Marie Antoinette-ish. But the price of cheap is too high, and we should probably be eating something else.

So there you have it, Guardian journalist Felicity Lawrence wants poor people to go hungry. What a disgusting cunt she must be.

How much tax do you pay

This is for the UK.

The mean average wage is £27,000 a year.

The median average is £18,000.

For £27,000 you pay direct taxes of £7,957 (which includes your employers NI).

For £18,000 you pay £3,835 (which includes your employers NI).

Assume that for both figures also spend £10,000 a year on stuff where VAT is payable, thats another £2,000 a year.

Everybody has to live somewhere, so add another £1200 in council tax.

Drive a car? Kerching! Petrol is taxed at about 70% so lets add another £500 to your tax bill.

So, £27,000 pays tax of £11,675 and £18,000 pays tax of £7,535.

And remember, these are just the direct taxes you pay.

Do you get value for money for the services the govt forces you to buy?